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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2002 / #9 – #7

MetalCatSoaring prog metal from Germany, thoughtful experimental metal from Sweden and stompin’ power metal from Spain. That feels like a good mid-week mix to me.

Dark Metal Cat caught and killed a mouse this morning. I had to buy a new one from the computer shop.


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Mik’s Favourite Music Videos 2013

Some of the funniest, most beautiful, weirdest and best metal videos this year. These are a must-watch!

Protest The Hero – Underbite 


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EP Review: Uneven Structure – 8 (re-release)


Release Date:  3 June 2013 by Basick Records

Tracks:  8 tracks played as one single piece

Length: 24m, 21s

Genre: Progressive metal/djent

Previous releases: Their EP ‘8’ came out in 2009 and their debut album ‘Februus’ was released in 2011 (full album review here)

Recommended for fans of: Progressive metal, Meshuggah, TesseracT, Textures, Vildhjarta, djent, metalcore

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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #43-44

Here’s a list where you only have to listen to the first 30 seconds of the songs to know what I’m talking about!

#44 Rammstein – Engel

Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein”
(God damn! I’m not an angel when I die)

This song has one of the most recognizable intros I’ve ever heard and it’s quite beautiful as the whistling sound continues throughout the song. A nice contrast to the heavy sound of Rammstein. ‘Engel‘ can be found on the album ‘Sehnsucht‘, released in 1997.

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Video of the Week: I Am Colossus by Meshuggah

One thing I miss about this way to long wait for a new Tool album besides the obvious fact of new music from Tool to listen to is the mind-raping videos that accompany their albums.  Always filled with darkness, trippiness, psychedelia, and creativity, they are consistently heavy metal eye candy.  Many bands and their music video directors have tried to emulate that same style that Tool does in their videos, but just about never ends in succeeding.  Well finally someone has broke through and crafted a Tool-like video that earns my awesome Tool Video That Doesn’t Include a Tool Song Seal of Approval™.  Directed and Animated Magnus Jonsson this dark slab of imagery leading up to the birth of a colossus will tickle the right side of your brain very nicely and push you to hit that replay button more than a few times.  The thundering music of Meshuggah’s powerhouse song “I Am Colossus” will only reinforce the video’s impact.  Check it out!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Themed Thursday-An Introduction to Djent

About a month ago I finally decided to take a look into this strange word that has been popping up all over the place on various metal blogs and sites.  That odd word is “Djent”.  Is it a genre?  Is it a style?  Is it a sound?  Well after a bit of good ol’ online research I have found that is a combination of those 3 questions.  It is an umbrella genre that is used to classify a style of music that uses specific techniques to create distinct sounds.  The music within this “Djent” genre is very diverse going from very graceful to very aggressive often being a mix of the two. While all the music within this new-found genre are often quite different from each other they share 2 main things in common: a focus on percussive sounds and a love for the technical side of things(before the genre term was coined you could say that much of the music contained within would be considered progressive or math metal).

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Bands I Should Like, But Do Not!

So don’t throw a hammer at me or anything because of this list.  I think of myself as an equal opportunity metal fan, but there are some bands out there that I have heard numerous times and/or seen in concert and I still can’t get into them.  So if you asked me if i liked any of the five bands I am about to list, I would either say no or shrug my shoulders in uncertainty.  This list is in no particular order.

1. Lamb of God.  There is no underestimating this band’s popularity.  I want to really like them, I really do because they are a no frills metal band.  They kind of remind me a bit of Pantera.  I even saw them three times in concert with Anthrax, Slayer, and at Download 2010.  I also own two of their albums and still…just can’t be crazy about Lamb of God.  This is one of the shrug my shoulders bands.  I think I am missing something here.

2.  Mastodon.  This is another one I just do not get.  I saw them once with Slayer, but do not own any material from them.  I feel I should like them, but again, not sure what I am missing with this band.  When I saw them, they were loud and heavy live, but I sat in the bleachers patiently waiting for Slayer to come on stage.

3.  Avenged Sevenfold.  I have seen probably all of their videos on Scuzz and Kerrang.  I can see that this band has some talent individually, but as a group I think they are missing the mark. I heard that their earlier stuff was more heavy than it is now.  They seem so popular today, but more with the younger metal crowd.  Maybe it’s because I am pushing 40 that I do not get this band.

4.  Coheed and Cambria.  I like when bands come out with a different style of music.  I like some prog bands and I think this is where Coheed and Cambria fit…so why is it that I can’t get into them?  I am not sure why.  I see that they are wildly popular with their fans and that they are highly talented, but when I hear them I find myself scratching my head.

5.  Meshuggah.  No way.  I tried, I really did, and this is one band I feel I should like, but no.  I bought an album, gave it the three customary listens (for proper judgement), and no.  This band is a no-go for me.

I could probably name a few other bands, but I went with a list of bands that I know reached a certain level of popularity and/or success in the metal world.  I should like them, but either I am still uncertain or I just do not like them.  Do you think I am missing the mark here?  What are some bands you feel you should like, but do not?  Chime in, let’s talk about it.