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Album Review: Origins by Eluveitie

1000x1000When it comes to metal bands, there are few that are as invested in their themes as Eluveitie are.  Since their debut record, Spirit, they have been writing songs about the Gauls and Celtic lore non-stop with new music released unhindered, more or less bi-annually since 2006.  Main lyricist and songwriter Chrigrel Glanzmann even goes as far as to recruit scientists and historians to study ancient texts, tomes, carvings, and lore of the Gualish kingdoms which he uses in each of Eluveitie’s songs.  He even went as far as to learn the Gualish language (which has been long dead) and uses it, to great effect, in his songs.  Lack of dedication, is a phrase that does not exist in Eluveitie’s mind.  And that also goes double for the ethos when they create a new record; always looking to improve and expand their sound. Read the rest of this entry

Album Review: Carcass – Surgical Steel

Carcass-Surgical-Steel-300x300I have to admit that when I first heard Heartwork oh, a very long time ago in 1993, death metal or melo-death as it is now called really wasn’t my thing. In fact, around that time I was going through a serious Grunge hangover and getting back to what I loved most in music…Thrash metal.  Heartwork with all its grandiose brutality was tempered by melody and that was the door that opened allowing me to branch my wings into a much faster and heavier form of metal.  I guess it was a big deal for me because I was beginning to listen to a lot of bands no one around me (except for a select few) heard of.  I did as any enthusiastic fan would do and bought some of their older albums and enjoyed the hell out of them.  As quickly as Carcass entered my hip pocket of go-to bands (we had cassettes back then so it literally fit in the pocket), they seemed to disappear, but not before giving us Swansong which I really tried to like and it was ok, but something was missing.  Then, Carcass went missing.  Talk about disappointing!

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Album Review: Lunarsea – Hundred Light Years


Release Date: May 20th 2013 on Punishment Records

Tracks: 10

Length: 49 minutes

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Previous releases: Hydrodynamic Wave (demo 2003), Bio Ashes Halo (demo 2004) Hydrodynamic Wave (debut 2006) Route Code Selector (full length 2009)

Recommended for fans of: Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Amon Amarth, Scar Symmetry

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Tales From Bandcamp: Of Breath and Bone by Be’lakor

1897232888-1If you happen to fancy yourself a fan of melodic death metal, be prepared to meet your new favorite band of the moment (quite possibly much longer).  Hailing from the land down under (Australia) the quintet of Be’lakor have crafted one hell of a beast of an album in Of Breath and Bone.  Using blizzards of sick riffing, tight rhythms, thundering vocals, and insanely catchy leads mixed with engaging moods and dynamic shifts this record never ceases for a moment to suck you in.  While I can still draw comparisons to melo-death stalwarts like In Flames, Insomnium, and Amon Amarth, Be’lakor really have made a sound all their own here.  Each track has a unique feel and they also sport that diversity stuff I happen to like so much.

So, give yourself a treat and check out Of Breath and Bone and as always, if you dig it, tell your fellow metal brethren and grab yourself a copy.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Band Links: Bandcamp Facebook Official Site

Tales From Bandcamp: Death and Evil Beasts by Lost Empires

It’s always nice when a band gets passed my way that surprises me with something I totally didn’t expect and shows some great promise.  In under 10 minutes the Oklahoma based band, Lost Empires, have totally rocked my socks off.  While the initial 30 seconds of the E.P., Death and Evil Beasts, failed to catch me off of the first notes, they fluently morphed the sound from a kind of hardcore punk rock sound to a towering melo-death machine by the time the first minute on the first tune came around.  Within these 3 songs there is definitely some love for Darkest Hour going on, not that it’s a bad thing, and this band shows they got the skills to write some damn catchy leads and tunes as well as put a great amount of heart behind their works.  The numerous guitar solos are damn powerful and I love how Lost Empires adds bouts of piano to really get the drama of their music nice and heightened.

At under 10 minutes, I highly suggest giving Death and Evil Beasts a spin.  Lost Empires show some great promise and I look forward to what they will put forth in the future.  Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Band Links: Bandcamp Facebook

Album Review: …To North by King of Asgard

The call of the war horn beckons the oncoming storm as the Vikings raise their weapons and dash to the shores unleashing a relentless assault on their foes.  Blood, sweat, viscera glaze the warriors and the battle ground as the tempest of steel rages on.  Within the course of only an hour the rush of conflict comes to a halt, the living lower their weapons and walk away with their sanguine drenched bounty giving thanks to Odin.

Sounds like I just described a scene from an Amon Amarth album, right?  Well, nope, that is the imagery that passes through my heads when I listen to the sophomore album, …To North, by Swedish melo-death metal band King of Asgard (which features members of Mithotyn and Falconer).  Yes, the 2 bands share very much in common ranging from Norse mythology to back-breaking riffs and rhythms, but when all is said and done the bands stand apart from each other both delivering different experiences.  Amon Amarth delivers more of a pure melo-deth experience, while King of Asgard delve into some progressive tinged black metal mixed with their melo-deth style.  Both bands are monumental experiences in ‘Viking Metal’ with neither outclassing the other.  And now that I’ve taken care of the gorilla in the room, let’s talk about …To North some more.

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Hey! Check Out Bloodshot Dawn

UK death/thrash metal band Bloodshot Dawn have released a new video for their song “Godless” off of their self titled debut record.  It’s pretty cool and the band is damn kick ass.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how some bands can go unsigned while others with much less skill and songwriting talent are raking in the big bucks.  Oh well, that’s how the cookie crumbles I guess.  Check out the video and if you dig it give a listen (and if you’re feeling generous, a purchase) to their full length album.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!