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Album Review: Katatonia – Sanctitude (Live)

489616I am not one for live albums anymore.  I used to always buy them because I felt I was enjoying a piece of the band that I did not have regular access to.  The live setting was raw and mostly unedited back then.  It seemed pure and energetic.  Then, bands like Dream Theater and Opeth (to name just two) went and threw a whole bunch of production into their live albums/DVDs and now my bar has grown accustomed to excellent sound.  How can I go back to bootleg-ish production now?  There is one exception to the rule though.  The (sort of) “unplugged” setting is an intimate atmosphere free of distortion and all around craziness.  More importantly, bands have to rehearse quite a bit because the audience will be able to hear every single nuance of the music.  It has to be awesome.  This is where Katatonia’s new live concert, Sanctitude, comes in.  It is (basically) unplugged, crisp, and sensational.  Of course, the production helps.  Read the rest of this entry

Album Review – Insomnium – One For Sorrow

When you come across good metal unexpectedly it makes for a real nice treat. That’s what happened to me today when I realized I forgot to look and see what was released this past Tuesday. With all the bands that have released new material over the last 6-weeks, I forgot to check and see what else was released. This is how I came across Insomnium. To the best of my knowledge, I never heard of this band before, but based on the band’s name, I guessed a couple of things correctly. A – they would probably be from Scandinavia and B – they would sound like they were from Scandinavia. If this were a final question on Rock Jeopardy, I would have won a lot of money.

One for Sorrow was released on Tuesday the 18th in North America; a bit earlier in other parts of the world. Insomnium created a piece of work that masterfully intertwined all the elements that make Scandinavian death/melodic/melancholy bands so great. It’s all there; the awesome guitar work; growling & semi clean vocals; and a melody that leaves you feeling beaten, bruised, and well…tranquil. Melancholy is supposed to make you feel sad and depressed, but in metal it’s more of a soothing effect…like the calm before a storm.

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Video of the Week – July

Katatonia could never be accused of having lyrics that leave you feeling empty or bored.  Each song is carefully crafted with connotation only a small percentage of people in the world could possibly actually relate to.  Their lyrics are dark, powerful, and lead me to believe each song is a part of a band member’s life in some way.  If I ever get to meet the band I will have to ask that question to be sure.

 July comes off the album The Great Cold Distance released in 2006.  The song tackles the touchy subject of depression and the impact it has on the person afflicted. 

 July is a bit on the heavier side of Katatonia (as far as newer releases goes).  The video depicts the song’s emotion perfectly.  Enjoy your video of the week; July by Katatonia.

SOTD – 21 Oct 2010

Today’s song of the day comes from a great album from some Swedish rockers.  The Song of the day is:

“Leaders” by Katatonia from the album “The Great Cold Distance”

If you are unfamiliar with Katatonia this is a good one to start with.  I hope you had a great day.  The weekend is almost upon us.