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Album Review: Soulfly – Archangel

SoulflyArchangelMax Cavalera has to be one of the busiest guys in metal at the moment; balancing three bands.  Soulfly’s 10th album, Archangel, continues the barrage of thrash they have perfected over the years.  We Sold Our Souls to Metal opens the album in blistering speed and angst followed up by the bone-crushing Archangel.  Despite a revolving door of musicians entering and leaving the fold, Soulfly manages to maintain a staunch level of continuity.  There aren’t any real surprises with Archangel, but in terms of band progression, album #10 is a step forward for the band compared to Savages and Enslaved.  Overall, Max Cavalera shows no signs of slowing down and Soulfly’s Archangel is evidence of that.  For a ripping good time…purchase, hit play, and try not to break anything.  3.75 out of 5

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Release Date:  14 Aug 2015

Songs:  13

Length:  46 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Soulfly (1998); Primitive (2000); 3 (2002); Prophecy (2004); Dark Ages (2005); Conquer (2008); Omen (2010); Enslaved (2012); Savages (2013).

Location:  US/Brazil

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Album Review: Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium

CC_Cover_Symbol_v7_#10E0D85Album:  Pandemonium

Label:  Napalm

Songs:  12

Length:  52 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Inflikted (2008); Blunt Force Trauma (2011).

Location:  United States / Brazil

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Album Review: Soulfly – Savages

p180qd50onvdi1uic19eo1rs71eis4Consistency is certainly the key when it comes to Soulfly.  It doesn’t take them long to record albums; the largest gap they had was three years between Dark Ages and Conquer.  Other than that, their output averages about two years per album until now.  Their 8th album, Enslaved, was released recently in 2012 and here we are already with Savages…album #9 which also happens to be the first father/son Soulfly album where Max Cavalera’s son Zyon is now a permanent member.  Zyon did appear on Enslaved as a guest.  Did the new additions make a difference?  Well, let’s just say their consistency not only lies in album output frequency, but also in song composition.

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Themed Thursday – Soulfly Challenge

After reading heavily-varying degrees of admiration or disdain for Soulfly’s new album, Enslaved, I have gone back to listen to their older material to see how much (or how little) the band has changed.  I guess your opinion on the matter depends on your interpretation of what Soulfly should sound like after all these years.  The foremost vibe I get from the blog world is that they (we) miss more of that tribal influence that made Soulfly stand out among other thrash/death metal bands.  In my opinion, Soulfly was a continuation of where Sepultura’s Roots left off.   Currently, my opinion seems to differ from the norm on the lack of tribal influence over the course of Soulfly’s last few albums.  I do like the new music, but I do miss the sound of old Soulfly.   I miss it more than I thought after listening to some crushing early tunes.  On the other hand, Enslaved is a pretty bad-ass album. This brings me to the theme of the week.

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Album Review: Soulfly – Enslaved

I prefer not to read other album reviews before I write mine because I do not want outside interference with how I really feel about an album.  In this case I went against my gut and read about three or four Enslaved reviews.  They all complained of the same thing, predictability.  I don’t understand.  These reviews come from the same metal fans that crucified Metallica for trying something different, but now they crucify Max Cavalera for NOT coming up with something different.  Yes, all of his bands; former and present do having striking similarities.  Is that reason enough to stop listening to Soulfly?  Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a band goes against the grain and shatters my expectations.  But, I also find it comforting to know there are some bands that I can count on to give me what I expect.

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Video of the Week – World Scum

I had something else planned for the video of the week, but I just got wind of a new video I thought you should know about.  Soulfly just released a new video for World Scum from their forthcoming album scheduled for release on 12 March 2012.  It’s some of the heaviest Soulfly I have ever heard.  Here it is; have a great weekend!

Monday Metal Madness: Max Cavalera

Max Cavalera certainly has been busy over the years.  Would you say he watered himself down, can’t find himself, has ADD, or is a musical genius?  Some say Sepultura crashed and burned when he left and took the band’s identity with him.  Other say Cavalera Conspiracy is the new Sepultura…or what Sepultura should be today.  Soulfly, of course, is somewhere in the middle.  Or perhaps you like (Derrick Green) Sepultura better than all of this. Have you ever heard of Nailbomb?  Given the choices, which incarnation of Cavalera do you like the best, if any?  Have you seen any of these bands live?  Your vote doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the video.  These are just here for reference.  Happy voting!

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