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Album Review: Trivium – Vengeance Falls

TriviumVengeanceI have spent years defending Trivium’s music to those that have less fondness for what they bring to the table.  From the first time I heard Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr, I felt these Florida boys had something to offer the metal world.  I sensed they were more than just another metalcore band.  Ascendency (2005) was a solid album and quite heavy at that.  I thoroughly enjoyed Shogun (2008) melodies and more thrash-like songs.  I even enjoyed parts of In Waves (2011) and thought the scream-less The Crusade (2006) wasn’t half bad either.  Still, the haters hate, but I always found something about Trivium’s albums I like…must be the guitars.  Vengeance Falls is the latest piece of Trivium art and here are my thoughts on their latest creation.

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