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Tales From Bandcamp: Marrow of the Spirit by Agalloch

460468120-1Since I’ve already reviewed this album and spoke about it quite a few times, I’ll just be the lazy shit I am and tell you to click here to read my review if you want to know my thoughts on Marrow of the Spirit by Agalloch (pro-tip: it’s a positive review).  Anywho, they now have the record up on Bandcamp, and if you have yet to give it a listen, I implore you to do so.  It’s a damn fine record and also one of my all time favorite albums.  So, Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Album Review- Marrow of the Spirit- Agalloch

   Take a look at the picture of the album cover artwork over to the left there.  That picture pretty much sums up what to expect from Marrow of the Spirit by Agalloch.  It’s dark, wintery, foreboding, and overflowing with a viscous atmosphere.  As you immerse yourself in this album you will take a harrowing walk through the haunted forest that Agalloch has grown and when you finally escape its chilling grasp it will stick with you for a long time to come as you constantly cough up chunks of that viscid air that you were inhaling throughout your journey, and it couldn’t be a more rewarding experience.

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