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How Important are Lyrics in Metal?


It all makes sense… we’re capable of beauty.
Through sounds which make one cringe.  The dogs only hear us now.
For the first time tears came to my eyes while I was listening.
Noise brings so many things… make my tingling skin freeze.

I’m positive that nearly every metal fan, especially the lovers of the more extreme spectrum of the genre, have heard this before.  “But with all that noisy growling and screaming, how do you understand what they’re ‘air quotes’ singing?”  To which we usually reply along the lines of something like “You get used to it.” or “It’s like learning an accent.”  Yet regardless of how we break it down or try to explain it they just look at you with their head slightly cocked like a confused puppy and then you usually just give up and go about your day. Read the rest of this entry


Mental Metal: Pain of Salvation – Where it Hurts

Here is the first post in a series of many of a new thing I like to call Mental Metal.  Not mental in the way of being crazy, but something more thought provocative.  Here we will take a single song and delve into it exploring its meaning and talking about the subject matter of the song.  For the first post I am revisiting a song by Pain of Salvation called “Where it Hurts” off the album Road Salt 1: Ivory to test the waters and see how this goes over.  So let us know if you enjoy these kinds of posts, and of course we would love to hear your input on the song most of all and hear suggestions for songs you would like us to cover.  So let’s get on with it.

“Where it Hurts” deals with something that all of us are all to familiar with and something that effects us more often that we would like to admit.  Pain.  Not just physical pain, but emotional pain.  When someone touches upon an issue that we are sensitive to we often go into a defensive mode and do what we can to make the pain stop as fast as possible.  Some of us shut down and stop reacting others burst into rage, we all have our unique was of dealing with this and it’s only natural.  If you want to cure the pain and see the ‘wound’ healed you need to experience and work through the pain and deal with the sensitive issues you shy away from when the hurt kicks in.

This particular song deals with that pain that comes from fear of love and to truly accept being loved.  When you truly love someone you let them inside and allow you to touch you where it hurts so they can help you overcome your fears.  Daniel (singer and lyricist of PoS) is showing concern for his loved one and wanting to help so he is asking her to tell him where it hurts so he can help her find peace.  He also exposes his inner-self to her by opening himself up to her to help on the way to recovery.  He also states that he has trouble dealing with seeing those around him in pain and alludes to feeling powerless if he can’t do anything about it.

So, what’s your take?  Music and lyrics after the jump.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Theme Thursday- Metal Lyricists

Beneath all the rage, screaming, and growling often lies some wonderful words and messages and these burly scary guys show off their poetic and graceful side or the novelist in them comes out.  IMO the lyrics in metal tend to be on the more interesting side as often times in metal topics cover a wide variety of subjects from politics and love to war and philosophy.  You are not short of great subject matter in metal and along with the great music you get some great words.  Some are fun, some are serious, and some are left open to interpretation.  Here are some of the lyricists that I feel are at the top of their game, check it out.  And who are your favorite lyricists?  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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