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Theme Thursday- Metal Songs of Epic Proportions

A nice quick 2-5 minute metal song is a great thing.  The band gets right to the point, does their thing, closes up shop, and then gets right to kicking your ass with another great metal song to keep your blood pumping.  That’s all fine and dandy, but sometimes I want a song that I can really sink my teeth into, to take me on a musical journey, and that’s where the longer songs come into play.  They take their time to build up and when they get going they take you on a ride that can’t be fully realized or appreciated in just a few minutes.  To successfully pull of a long song is no easy feat on the bands part, they need to have the skill to compose a track that will keep the listeners attention for the whole expedition and also make that listener want to come back to experience it again to gain a deeper appreciation for the song.

Here are some metal songs that successfully pull off the long song format and make you want to come back for more(well me at least, but I think many of you out there will enjoy them as much as I do).  I’ll limit myself to not going over 2 songs per band, as some artists are masters at crafting some epic journeys and will start the qualifying time for entry at 10 minutes.  A couple artists have crafted albums that are essentially one long song, so I will only be posting a part of that song(if you get into it you can most likely listen to it in it’s entirety on Youtube, or better yet, purchase the album).  And as always, What are some of your favorite long playing metal songs? Read the rest of this entry