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Song Of The Week: Brutai – Never Change (free download)

This place is always empty
This place is always hard to breathe in
And it will never change
These moments lived without concern
To take our lies when will they learn”

The London-based band Brutai (review of their EP here) released a new single last week and it’s certainly worth a couple of minutes of your time. They have that special something in their groovy music, that I can’t put my finger on, but it makes me come back for more. Maybe it’s the interesting twists in the songs, the tone in the vocalist’s voice, the underlying melodies or just how they implement great variation into a single song. ‘Never Change’ is a track that reveals more and more things every time you listen to it and I’m pretty sure it won’t take long before you’re hooked on this band as well. Enjoy!

Stream and Free Download:

Concert Review: Dream Theater – Wembley Arena – London

Dream Theater graced London’s Wembley Arena last night (10 Feb 2012). My 5th experience with them was nothing less than astonishing. This also marks the first time I see the band with new drummer Mike Mangini…the dude is a monster! This was also a special treat for me because my companion for the night was my 8-year old son who…totally got into it! Though he did get tired later in the night, can’t blame him it was a late night for him. Today I am listening to Dream Theater and he is remembering what he heard last night. Man, that shit brings a tear to my eye…metalheads in the making 😉

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Concert Review – Machine Head – London, 3 Dec 11

It was a hungry crowd at London’s Wembley Arena on 3 Dec 2011.  Metal is what they wanted and metal is what they got.  Machine Head with special guests Darkest Hour, DevilDriver, and Bring Me The Horizon brought an old and new style of metal to the London audience.  Some of it was highly appreciated and some of it wasn’t.  I will get to that later.  I was happy to be part of the experience, though my ear drums are paying for it today and probably for the next few days.  It was one of the loudest shows I have experienced in the last several years.

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Concert Review – Amon Amarth – London 23 Oct 2011

Amon Amarth photo credit (above) to Mr. M. Mucha.  Thanks bud!

Amon Amarth with special guests As I Lay Dying and Septic Flesh took the stage last night at the HMV Forum in London. Located in the London area known as Kentish Town, the HMV Forum is a suitable theater that provides ample viewing for whatever band you are going to see. It’s not too big and not too small. After seeing three shows there, I will say that the sound quality in the venue is not the best, but if the band is performing a top-notch set it makes up for the sub par sound quality.

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Eluveitie Concert Footage – Thousandfold 13 Nov 2010

I took this shot of Eluveitie when they opened for DevilDriver on 13 Nov 2010 in London.  At the time I never knew Eluveitie existed so you can imagine my amazement when they took the stage with various wind instruments and a hurdy-gurdy.  Well, they rocked and I captured this moment in time from their set.  At the time I didn’t know any of their songs until I bought their most recent album just a few weeks ago.  I realized I recorded Thousandfold and it came out pretty good.  So it is on YouTube now, but linked here for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Show Review- Devildriver/36 Crazyfists, HMV Forum, London

Plantera7 and I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a Devildriver show in London last night.  I wanted to take a minute to review the show.

The lineup was:

Idiom (no idea)
Eluveitie (Celtic Folk-metal from Switzerland)
36 Crazyfists

We got to the venue just as Idiom was finishing.  I had never heard of the band, but after I heard them, I wasn’t a fan.  They seemed like generic sreamo-type metal.  Much respect to them, I just didn’t like it.

Eluveitie came on next.  I have to admit, these guys impressed me.  There are eight people in the band, and the instruments included bagpipes, a violin, and a hurdy-gurdy (look it up, it’s a pretty cool instrument).  The vocal styles mixed growling heavy-metal and female singing/growling.  These guys were great, and they are definitely worth a few downloads.

36 Crazyfists then took the stage.  I felt this band were an advanced version of Idiom, where there is some singing, and the rest is screamo-metal.  A lot of people in the crowd knew the lyrics to every song.  They are a popular band, but I do not follow their music.  I can see their appeal, but I like more of a growling, heavy groove metal band.

Enter Devildriver.  These guys totally blew me away.  They came on stage in that small venue and totally rocked the place to its core.  These guys did not let up through their whole set.  They had a great rapport with the crowd, and seemed like they genuinely enjoy what they do, and are not bothered by the image game.  On top of that, since we were in London, they played “Another Night in London,” which they hadn’t played outside of the studio before.  The crowd went nuts.   But the sheer awesomeness of this band doesn’t end there. 

After the show, we were able to meet the band.  It was an awesome experience.  You will not meet a more well-spoken and humble group of musicians in the metal world.  We got a couple of pictures and signatures, and got to talk with the band.  We also got to listen to a couple of new tracks from their forthcoming album.  It was a great time.  We found out that the entire band are fiercely pro-military and had a great deal of respect for us (Plantera7 and I are both USAF).  Their albums made me a fan of their music, but meeting them in person made me of fan of Devildriver as a group of guys that truly love what they do.  Devildriver are now cemented into my permanent top three, and I would gladly see them again.       

Dez Fafara onstage at the show.


Post-show meet and greet (L-R): Yungvirticus, Dez Fafara, Metal Mike, Plantera7

This was one of my best metal moments so far.  Long live Devildriver.  Long live metal!