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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1999 / #6 – #5

MetalCatAs the metal-jazz-prog hybrid on the MetalJazzProg State Of Mind team, I love it when I hit upon a band that fits into two of my Best-Of lists. Liquid Tension Experiment was one such band, highly rated in both metal and prog circles.

Dark Metal Cat loves it when any band plays Dark-anything. He strongly approves of Moonspell. When I tell him the Portuguese girl who snagged my heart for a while when I was young was a redhead, he says it doesn’t matter as long as it was very dark red.

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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1998 / #9 – #7

MetalCatToday’s posts reflect a minor problem that occurs constantly in metal – how the hell do you categorize a particular type of music? Sometimes it’s easy and obvious; heavy metal sounds like heavy metal. But when you have bands as different as Liquid Tension Experiment and Ayreon both labelled as progressive metal, that could easily confuse anyone listening to either band for the first time.

For each of us individually, there are only really two kinds music – the music we like and the music we don’t. If you prefer Elton John to Cannibal Corpse, that’s your business and nobody else’s.

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Theme Thursday – Bass Masters

Let’s not get this theme confused with fishing.  This theme is about bass players that stand out in their respective band.  This post will eventually be followed up with Guitar Masters, Drum Masters, Keyboard Masters, and Vocal Masters.  This post will also consist of bass players that are still alive, so sorry Peter Steele and Cliff Burton, R.I.P.

In many instances bass players are barely heard and barely seen.  This post is going recognize metal bass players who are not just stage figures in the background, but highly recognizable as not only outstanding bass players, but when you think of their band you immediately think of the bass playing.  As heartbreaking as it may seem, Dream Theater’s John Myung will not be profiled here or others like him.  Why?  Because all of the members of Dream Theater are outstanding musicians in their own right and contribute to the success of Dream Theater equally, as far as I am concerned.

This is about bass players who lead from the front and separate themselves from their band.  This is also my own opinion so I if you think I missed someone or I am off the  mark then by all means reply about it and let’s talk.  I am going to post what I think are charismatic bass players who made a name for themselves by standing out within their own respective bands.  When you start seeing the YouTube clips you will know what I mean.  If I forgot anyone you think should have made this list, by all means educate me.  In the interest of time I will keep this fairly short.

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Theme Thursday – Dream Theater Spinoffs

If you know me you know I love Dream Theater; one of my top 3 favorite bands right next to Megadeth and Overkill on the all-time list.  This time I am not going to focus on Dream Theater in particular for this Theme Thursday, instead all of the musical greatness that has been spawned by the band…to include Mike Portnoy.  I think I know most of what the band members have done, but there may be some things here and there I might have missed.  This list could go on for days I’m sure, but for the sake of time and space, I will keep the list relatively short with what I know of this quintet of outstanding musicians.

Liquid Tension Experiment.  (Dream Theater Member(s)- Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess), also Tony Levin.

An instrumental band, Liquid Tension Experiment is nothing short of greatness.  With three Dream Theater members and one killer bassist, you really know what you are getting when you listen to them.  These guys epitomize bad-assness.  Just check the video below for the track Acid Rain off their album Liquid Tension Experiment 2.  Petrucci is a monster on guitar with this song.

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