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What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox (10 Sep 13)

full mail inboxThis week on What’s Cookin’ in the Inbox, my goal is to be as diverse as possible.  This time around I am painstakingly sifting through the requests and advertisements to capture the breadth of metal which you know doesn’t always have to be bone crunching or heavy.  Of course, that is preferred, but metal comes in many forms.  Since I am trying to bring you as much music as possible, I will skip the chatter and get to the most important point, which is introducing (hopefully) a little something new to you.

Johnny Wore Black

First up is Johnny Wore Black.  We have been following his progress for quite some time now as he has released several videos.  I believe a full album is on the way shortly.  While recording his creations, he managed to get Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson to collaborate on some of his music.  Below is the latest song, Gift of Desperation.

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Album Review: As They Burn – Will, Love, Life

ATBARTWAs They Burn, the French six-piece Deathcore outfit released their latest 37-minute opus called Will, Love, Life.  The album title is poignant in these earthly trying times though it sounds more like something a Pop artist would use.  Despite the lack of a metal-induced album name, it just takes a few seconds to realize As They Burn is not your neighborhood metal band.  Or are they?  Their latest work does have a bit of flavor emanating from many new Deathcore bands such as Emmure or Devil Wears Prada…insert similar band names here.  But, overall there is something else behind the scenes that kept me listening much longer than I would have for (other) similar styled bands.

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That One Album That Changed It All

Yesterday I read a post on another metal blog that I frequent, Heavy Blog is Heavy(you can read the post here).  Upon reading that post a wave of fun and stupid memories from my high school days in the 90’s came flooding back into my mind as the authors talked about this very special album.  What I was reading was a throwback to an album that I could honestly say had a major, if not the most important, impact on me and how my musical tastes developed into what they are today.  That album is the self titled debut L.P. from Mr. Bungle.

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