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Album Review: Arms Of Tripoli – All The Fallen Embers EP

Despite post-rock’s relatively short 15-year time in the commercial spotlight, the genre has seen a dramatic increase in width and breadth, as many talented musicians make their own mark on the legacy. Sometimes these musicians come together, and the resulting bands make fascinating soundscapes, the likes of which become whispered reverently by acolytes of the genre: Mogwai, Tortoise, Godspeed You! Black Emperor. But what if these musicians were to exist as a collective, contributing around a framework laid out by a core group? This, by way of introduction, is the case with LA quintet-plus-others Arms Of Tripoli and their début All The Fallen Embers EP. Just shy of half an hour, the musicians carve a familiar yet individual style across 6 tracks, naming Tortoise, Shipping News and Rodan as influences.

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