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Sonisphere Festival UK Update

Sonisphere promoters FINALLY got around to making their first announcement for the UK edition to be held over the weekend of 6-8 July.  Of course, this is good for UK residents and those that want to travel here for the festival.  My initial thoughts seeing the three headliners was…really?  But, now that I take another look, there are a ton of bands I have never seen before.  Download has a great lineup so far, but I have seen most of those bands multiple times.  Sonisphere is offering something a bit different this year and it’s making me a bit interested.  Here is the run-down starting with the headliner in bold:

Friday:  Kiss, Within Temptation, Wolfmother.

Saturday:  Queen w/Adam Lambert, Evanescence, Tim Minchin (Comedian), The Darkness, Flogging Molly, Lacuna Coil, Gojira, Katatonia, Ghost, Fields of Nephlim.

Sunday:  Faith No More, Incubus, Refused, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Cypress Hill, Andrew W.K., The Blackout, Switchfoot, I Killed The Prom Queen

If you don’t know who Adam Lambert is, he was on American Idol a few years ago.  He would probably do Queen songs just fine, though I was never that much of a Queen fan anyway.

The day I am most interested in is Sunday with Faith No  More, Marilyn Manson, and Mastodon.  According to the poster, Mastodon will be performing the entire album, The Hunter.  There is also much more room for big names to fill up the main and second stages.  I am definitely interested so see what gets added to the lineup as festival times draws near.

Video of the Week – Ich Tu Dir Weh – 6 May 11

I would like to wrap up a long week with a video from Rammstein.  It’s hard to pick just one video from Rammstein, they are all so well done.  Since Rammstein doesn’t sing in English (Primarily), they have stated they make up for this in videos.  They tend to be quite visual experiences.  This particular video represents their most recent stage set.  Their shows, if you haven’t been to one, is truly a performance.  Ich Tu Dir Weh is a video that is the same stage set up when I got to see them at Sonisphere 2010 in the U.K.  The fire in the latter half of the video is not exaggerated for the video.  They use that much pyro for one song.  I also attached the lyrics to the song translated literally in English.  So there may be some meaning lost in translation, but it’s probably close.  Here is the video:

Here are the lyrics:

You’re only alive for me
I poke medals into your face
You are utterly devoted to me
You love me because I don’t love you

You bleed for the salvation of my soul
A little cut and you’re turned on
Your body already completely disfigured
Whatever, anything goes

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

With you, I choose the torment
Barbed wire in the urethra
Put your flesh in salt and pus
First you die but then you’ll keep living

Bites, kicks, hard blows
Needles, pliers, dull saw
Make a wish, I won’t say no
And I’ll insert the rodents into you

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

You are the ship, I’m the captain
Where do you want to go?
I see your face in the mirror
You love me because I don’t love you

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

Here is someone’s home video of that Sonisphere show for the song Du Hast.


SOTD- 10 December 2010

Happy Friday Metalheads!

Today’s song of the day is “Ghost Division” by Sabaton, from their album “The Art of War”

I went to the Sonisphere festival at Knebworth, UK earlier this year.  Before that day, I had never heard any of Sabaton’s music.  They were the first band we saw that day, and we were waiting to see Evile on a second stage.  When we stopped to catch some of their show, I was blown away.  Sabaton opened with this song, and I knew within the first 15 seconds of their show that I was a fan.  It was great to find a new band to listen to.

That’s enough from my soapbox.  Have a great weekend, everyone.  Album of the Week posting is tomorrow.