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Reggie’s Essential 25 Favorite Instrumentals – #25, #24, #23

Warlock-Metal-Master-Blade-MMWGSVBKI love the power of a good instrumental song.  Sometimes they can be energizing or even relaxing depending on the band’s intent with the song.  Some bands use an instrumental song to display a different, sometimes softer side.  And, sometimes an instrumental is a collection of left over riffs and drum parts that didn’t make the final cut.  Or, perhaps they just couldn’t find the words to go with the music.  However they are composed, the instrumental song is a track I look for and hope to find on any album; though there are some bands where it’s almost an expectation.  This is list comprised of 25 word-less songs that I find essential to my music library.  I wouldn’t sweat over the exact order, but yeah the ones at or near the top of this list are definitely my favorites.  I know there are many more instrumental songs out there, but these are mine…so to speak.  This list is also limited to only three per band and only one band made this list three times.  Enjoy!

#25 Soulfly – V

This song is part of a running theme of self-titled/numbered songs that appeared across numerous Soulfly albums.  It definitely showcases a more subtle approach to the songwriting and often incorporates jazzy elements.  V appears on the 2005 release of Dark Ages.  It comes in at just over 10 minutes and features two main parts. First the rhythmic calming section, then a focused acoustic solo.  Overall, it is definitely a softer side of Soulfly, but not something that is so out there it’s a head scratcher.  It suits the album nicely.

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Matt’s Top 15 Albums of 2012

bestof2012I know every year I say that this was one of the best years in metal, but its true, and 2012 was no different.  I guess that says a lot about the state of modern heavy metal.  The genre has grown into something that was unfathomable at its inception.  In no other genre will you find such a diverse set of different acts all boasting such pure passion for what they do.  I was also exposed much more music than usual this year since Metal State kinda took off with a spike in readers (thank you!!!) and we started receiving promos from labels and bands looking for exposure (don’t worry, we won’t tell you about the crappy stuff or skew our opinions because a label hooked us up with some free music or a t-shirt).  So, when I think about 2012 in metal I can’t help but to return to reflecting on how diverse the genre has become.  You will see in my toplist that no single sub-genre really dominates (well I guess you can tell I am a fan a prog metal and was big into the female fronted doom metal bands this year) and there are some amazing albums all across the board in metal this year.  There were also a ton I left out which I will post about in the coming days in a quick honorable mentions post.  So enough dilly dallying, let’s get it on!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Album Review: …To North by King of Asgard

The call of the war horn beckons the oncoming storm as the Vikings raise their weapons and dash to the shores unleashing a relentless assault on their foes.  Blood, sweat, viscera glaze the warriors and the battle ground as the tempest of steel rages on.  Within the course of only an hour the rush of conflict comes to a halt, the living lower their weapons and walk away with their sanguine drenched bounty giving thanks to Odin.

Sounds like I just described a scene from an Amon Amarth album, right?  Well, nope, that is the imagery that passes through my heads when I listen to the sophomore album, …To North, by Swedish melo-death metal band King of Asgard (which features members of Mithotyn and Falconer).  Yes, the 2 bands share very much in common ranging from Norse mythology to back-breaking riffs and rhythms, but when all is said and done the bands stand apart from each other both delivering different experiences.  Amon Amarth delivers more of a pure melo-deth experience, while King of Asgard delve into some progressive tinged black metal mixed with their melo-deth style.  Both bands are monumental experiences in ‘Viking Metal’ with neither outclassing the other.  And now that I’ve taken care of the gorilla in the room, let’s talk about …To North some more.

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