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Theme Thursday- Prog Metal

This week I’d like to discuss what might be my favorite subgenre of metal, Prog Metal(Progressive Metal).  The most typical way to describe a prog metal band would be to say that their music consists of long and complicated structures and often use odd time signatures and beats.  Another common similarity in prog metal bands is they tend to favor longer songs to allow the music to expand(“progress”) and often carry a theme through out an entire album.  While many bands that find themselves in the genre often do use those elements, they often do not also.  Many bands in artist in this genre also incorporate many other styles of playing into their metal and fit in a huge amount of diverse sounds and techniques.  With all this diversity going on it’s near impossible to truly classify a band as a prog metal band, so my rule of thumb is if a band is eschewing common song structure(ie. verse chorus verse chorus bridge solo ect.) and pushing the envelope of musical boundaries, it’s prog.  Modern bands that fit the prog metal bill quite nicely are bands such as Dream Theater, Opeth, Pain of Salvation, Porcupine Tree, and Queensryche.

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Theme Thursday-Unlikely Covers

Cover songs are a great way for a band to show tribute to their favorite artists, and move out of their comfort zone and have some fun with their music without having to compromise the integrity of their core material.  Here’s a list of some covers done by metal bands that step out of what the bands core sound and cover something that is a little different for them, some of the covers are “metalized” some hone the spirit of the original, but in the end, they’re all pretty damn good covers.  And if you dig the cover version, check out the original, more times than not it’s a great song.  If you know some more unlikely covers let us know in the comments and let us know what your favorite were. Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal

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