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Reggie’s Honorable Mentions of 2013

I am not going to discuss why these particular albums didn’t make the final cut.  It was a tough choice for a few of these to leave them off the end-year list.  However, they are worth mentioning and if I did have a Top 20, these would be the final five in the group…in no particular order.  These are the remaining five albums of 2013 that tickled my fancy.  After the last video, I also included some other albums I like that I felt were worth mentioning only by name.  I am sure you heard of most of them.   They didn’t make the cut either, but I liked them just as well.  Enjoy, my actual Top 15 is coming up soon.

CollapseArms and the Covenant

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Album Review: Kill Devil Hill – Revolution Rise

KDHRevRiseKill Devil Hill hit the scene in 2011 and already released their second album, Revolution Rise.  I have to give the guys props for two reasons; first, they appear to be a hard-working band having released two albums in two years.  Second, they are still the same four dudes playing music they want to play which is a style that doesn’t rely on overly aggressive tempos.  Not that there is anything wrong with aggression, it’s nice to take a break and Kill Devil Hill is perfect for that.  Metal needs bands like Kill Devil Hill to contrast aggression and they do a fine job.   They are musicians from eclectic backgrounds, but together they create heavy metal music that is far-removed from an in-your-face style laced with grit and angst.  Revolution Rise is a strong sophomore effort from the quartet and is a nice addition among my collection of (mostly) brutal music.

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Best of the Rest: Honorable Mentions of 2012

bestof2012Making my Top 15 Albums of 2012 list this year was a bit daunting.  There were so many records I heard, and many of the excellent and well deserving of a bit of extra attention.  Being as I am, I felt guilty for leaving some of them off, so here I will present, in no particular order other than random, a good handful of albums that came out during 2012 that I enjoyed and feel that you lovely readers should give a listen to.  Check ’em out and enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Reggie’s Top 15 of 2012

2012Just when I thought 2011 was a banner year for metal, I think 2012 might be equal to or better in terms of both quality music and sheer volume of albums released.  It surely was not a dull moment if you ask me; it seemed like I was listening to at least a couple new albums each week.  Interestingly, I can probably look at half my list and tell you that some of these albums, I had no idea were coming.  They completely snuck on me or I never expected them like Kreator…a band I nearly forgot about came out with a killer album.  The band at #15 I never knew existed until just a few weeks ago and I am still impressed with them.  There are definitely some surprises on my list this year.  Some of these bands have been around for years and I am only now getting into them. I hope you had a great 2012 in metal!  Here are my Top 15 albums of 2012.

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Album Review: Kill Devil Hill – Kill Devil Hill

It’s not too often I buy a CD from a brand new band on the weight of the bassist.  But when it’s Rex Brown it’s awfully hard to just pass on at least sampling it.  Kill Devil Hill is the new band featuring Rex Brown (bass), Vinny Appice (drums), Mark Zavon (Guitar), and Dewey Bragg (vocals).  I know better than to think Rex Brown is going to recreate Pantera, so if you are expecting a continuation of one of metal’s most important metal acts you may as well stop reading now.  Kill Devil Hill’s self-titled debut album was released 22 May 2012 and here is what I thought of it.

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