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Album Review: Karhide – Colossus EP

Colossus-Front-CoverRelease Date: April 14th, 2014 on Field Records

Tracks: 4

Length: 17 minutes

Genre:  Post rock/metal/electronic

Previous releases: Acadia 2010, Rough Sleep EP 2013, Remember Remember EP 2013, two splits

Location: Southampton, UK

Recommended for fans of: Pelican, Jesu, Mogwai, Russian Circles, Mono

Description: A while ago we reviewed one man project Karhide’s previous release and I loved it, it certainly left me wanting more. I didn’t have to wait long; all of a sudden another Karhide promo turned up! I have to say, this EP was a nice surprise. It’s just as good, if not better than the last one. Its heavier and faster nature will most likely be more appealing to other metalheads as well.

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Roundtable Review: Karhide – Remember Remember


Release Date: 2 December 2013

Songs: 7

Length: 31 minutes

Genre: Alternative/post-rock/electronic/instrumental

Studio Albums: Rough Sleep EP 2013, two splits

Location:  Southampton, UK

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