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Monday Metal Madness: Bands John Cobbett Has Played In

Over the past couple years I’ve come to really appreciate the sounds of guitarist and songwriter John Cobbett.  He’s probably a name many have never heard of due to him keeping himself out of the spot light along with the bands that he has been part of.  His proggy style is always fun to listen to as well as the great tones he employs on his instruments.  The three major bands he is/has been a part of all benefit greatly from he contributions.  His DIY approach to writing and recording give each album he is a part of a nice earthy, homegrown sound and have a nice analog warmth to them.  Whether you are listening to the diverse and proggy sounds of Hammers of Misfortune, the psychedelic black metal of Ludicra, or the power folk prog cock rock what ever it is Lord Weird Slough Feg it is guaranteed that you are going to be listening to a solid and expertly crafted record.

If you already dig on the bands he’s been a part of, then cool, you are one step ahead of the rest so go vote on your favorite musical vehicle of his.  If not, check out the posted tunes below and delve into the musical genius of John Cobbett and the friends that he plays with, and feel free to do some video jumping digging a bit deeper into each bands catalog.  Then give a vote to your favorite of the 3.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


Hammers of Misfortune

Lord Weird Slough Feg