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Full album stream: Mörglbl – Tea Time For Pünks


One of the greatest joys of growing up is being fascinated and charmed by lovely new things. Since I’m 65 years old now, I’ll probably mature in the next 20 years and become crusty and set in my ways. Until then, I’ll grab all the thrill and delight there is to be found in new discoveries.

Mörglbl is a new discovery for me. I make that admission with my head hung low in shame because they’ve released six albums including “Tea Time For Pünks” and this is the first time I’ve heard them. I’ll rectify that shortcoming soon enough by treating myself to all their previous work. Who needs groceries when there is music like this to sate my appetite? Read the rest of this entry


EP Review: Trepalium – Damballa’s Voodoo Doll

TrepaliumLocation: Poitou-Charentes, France

Genre: *Big breath…* Off-the-wall progressive jazz/swing death/thrash/groove metal

Release date: 9 February 2015

Label: Klonosphere

Previous releases: Through the Absurd (CD, 2004), The Holy Party (DVD, 2005), Alchemic Clockwork of Disorder (CD, 2006), XIII (CD, 2009), H.N.P. (CD, 2012)

Tracks: 6

Length: 24 minutes

Recommended to: Fans of Destrage, Meshuggah, Protest the Hero, Diablo Swing Orchestra

Mammal’s rating: 5 out of 5

Trepalium are highly esteemed in France for their wildly eccentric and addictive style of metal. They’re not yet totally famous around the world, although four of the five members have been together since 2000 and the present members started making demos in 2002. If you’re not familiar with Trepalium but you love the most musical of experimental metal, be prepared for Damballa’s Voodoo Doll to blow you away in an orgasm of creativity. Read the rest of this entry

Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2005 / #9 – #7

MetalCatIn addition to prog death and prog metal, today’s dose of hits includes full-blown jazz metal. If you’re not familiar with the genre, this is your chance to practise moshing to a saxophone.

Not many metalheads are proggers, but Panzerballett proves that some of them are beatniks.

Read the rest of this entry

Video of the Week: Shining – Blackjazz Rebel

Would a Mammal be drawn to a band that calls its music “blackjazz”? That’s a rhetorical question.

Shining, from Norway, is an outfit that LA Weekly described as a “sonically pulverizing industrial-metal beast.” In Norway, the womb of black metal, Shining made a deep enough impression to receive a nomination for Metal Album of the Year at the Norwegian Grammys last year. That was for their Blackjazz Rebel album.

Starting next week, Shining will be on the road for four months, taking their pioneering metal to various European countries. At some of their appearances they’ll be on the bill with some gigantic names, including Slayer and Devin Townsend.

The raw energy they generate is very evident in the video from their album.



Jazzed-up Tuesday: Symetry – Roots Project

Do you know how well metal and jazz go together? If not, let Symetry’s music do the talking. They’re a French jazz metal band and they’ve released one album. This is the title song.

Just by the way, if you’re into djent, you’re halfway into modern jazz already.


Tales From Bandcamp: Say Yes to Discomfort by Seven Daily Sins

Going by the bands bio it seems like Seven Daily Sins opened their arms to discomfort in order to make their dream and debut album, Say Yes to Discomfort, a reality.  Going through a 2 year recording cycle members of the band even went as far as to relocate to a different country to get a better job so quality studio and recording time could be purchased.  Listening to the album, it sounds like the bands hard work and dedication paid off.  Within the 8 track contained on the record you’re going to get more than an earful of prog death metal rife with bout of off-kilter free jazz.  Unlike many bands that boast the ‘jazzy prog metal thing’, 7DS do quite a good job at keeping things fluent understanding how to use certain jarring sections to create an interesting dynamic instead of pulling the listener out of the tune.  Give 7DS a listen and tell your prog metal loving buddies about them, and if you feel inclined to do so, grab a copy of the album for yourself (it’s ‘name your own price’).  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp

E.P. Review: Capturing Moments by Random Mullet

The mullet, an oddly ubiquitous hairstyle known for its business up, front party in the back attitude. This hairstyle seems like a quite fitting mascot for Finnish band Random Mullet.  On the surface you can easily hear they mean all business with their intelligent progressive metal.  But behind all that business is fact that they love to have a damn fun time with their music.  Formed when founding members, Henri Heikka and Raine Oikarinen, wanted to create more unique and different music than their current bands, they have certainly achieved what they set out to do.  The amount of unique and diverse content within the half hour of music on the bands third E.P., Capturing Moments, is staggering.  Going from alternative metal sounds to crushing death metal to smooth sax and piano filled jazz noir pieces and more I can’t think of one moment throughout my many spins of the entire record where I wasn’t enthralled, interested, and completely engaged in the music.  Everything sounds fresh and wildly unique, and if this is a taste of what they are looking to put forth in a full length, boy are progressive metal fans in for a treat. Read the rest of this entry

Full Album Stream: In Somniphobia by Sigh

So, since I browse around Bandcamp quite a bit, I feel restricted to just limiting myself to sharing just one album a week with you all.  So as promised I will still bring you at least one killer full album stream every Tuesday in addition to random days when I find a cool album for you to listen to.  And if any of you awesome readers ever stumble upon a band or artist that you think I should check out don’t hesitate to tell me about it (drop a shout in the comments, on the Facebook page, or via e-mail Metalstate[at]yahoo[dot]com).

Today I discovered that the album that is leading the run for my album of the year right now is available to listen to all the way through on Bandcamp.  Sigh‘s In Somniphobia is bound to be one of the most insane and unique albums you are bound to hear this year.  To keep the post short and the drooling to a minimum I’ll just link my review of it here if you are curious.  To sum this band up in short is difficult, but I’ll try.  They take a base of NWOBHM and black metal, toss in generous servings of jazz, classical, and progressive music and sprinkle with a mixture of various other musical genres.  It’s like listening to your best nightmares.  Top recommended songs are “The Transfiguration Fear” and the whiskey soaked jazz noir metal “Amnesia” .  Check it out.

And with more than enough high quality music Sigh‘s label Candlelight Records also has a ton of great release available for streaming and purchase (at very reasonable prices) on Bandcamp.  This list includes Opeth‘s earlier works, Isahn, Anaal Nathrakh, Orange Goblin, and Havok, just to name a few.  That should keep you busy for a while.  You can check all of that out here.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Sigh - In Somniphobia