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Super Massive Black Holes – Calculations of the Ancients

If you think you can get away with listening to Calculations of the Ancients one time and get it, think again.   You’ll need more time to be captivated by the new album from Super Massive Black Holes.  The April 29, 2014 release can be described as experimental and/or math metal as they seamlessly blend death metal, rock, jazz-fusion, and prog into their nine-track album.  It’s a dangerous dose of metal, but is it too much?  All good things in moderation they say.  Super Massive Black Holes, does boast many elements, but the saving grace here is that they make it work…and work well.  Enjoy the stream.  By the way, I dig the album cover.  Simple, but effective.

Album Review: Separate Realities by Trioscapes

How to describe this record, hmm.  OK, Trioscapes, a band made up 3 insanely talented musician (Dan Briggs of BTBAM on bass, Walter Fancourt on saxophone and flute, and Matt Lynch on drums and electronics) that play a fun and crazy form of psychedelic jazz fusion progressive metal on their debut record Separate Realities.  The record sounds like if you were to take Frank Zappa, Rush, late 70’s early 80’s era King Crimson, some famous jazz fusion artist I don’t know, BTBAM, and Primus and put them in a blender with a ton of happy pills.  The results come out something quite unique and very refreshing.  From front to back there is never a dull moment in the time melding assaults and groove laden jazz freakouts.  If you’re looking for something upbeat and different to listen to, I have a feeling you will be loving this record, especially if you are a prog fan.

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