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Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #2- Into the Void covered by Monster Magnet

charlie_dont_surfBlack Sabbath’s anti-Vietnam classic tune “Into the Void” has been covered numerous times by many different rock and metal bands, but out of the many that are out there, none seem to not only capture the essence of the song, but also elevate it to a ‘higher’ plane.  Starting out with a low-key drum procession ushering vocalist Dave Wyndorf acting out the part of a paranoid infantryman in the jungles of Vietnam the slow build up of downtuned guitars begin to add a healthy dose of Jacob’s Ladder to the sound as it trips out into a bit of psychedelia.  And then the song proper starts and Monster Magnet simply just own it slipping out here and there to embrace delusions of Charlie round the corner and the Tango sluts dancing in Hell.

While the original is a timeless classic that will never stale, Monster Magnet really went above and beyond the call of duty and injected such a huge amount of color and personality to the tune.  When I listen to the Sabbath version I get imagery of the whole broad picture of Vietnam, but when Monster Magnet jam it out it all becomes much more intense and personal.  I get the picture of a soldier directly in the bush gripping a rifle as he looks at his dead squadmates and is laughing maniacally as he prepares for his last stand vowing to take Charlie down with him, and maybe dreaming of some surfing afterwards.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Monster Magnet Version:

Black Sabbath Version:

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Song of the Week: Into the Void by Monster Magnet (cover)

OK, my music player is on random, let’s see what metal band wins the spin.  Annnnnd, oooo, a cover song!  And not just any old cover song, one of the best covers of a Black Sabbath song ever.  Originally off of Black Sabbath’s 1971 groundbreaking album Master of Reality, NJ’s stoner rock trailblazers Monster Magnet follow every rule on how to make the best possible cover.  Stay true to the original while adding your own style to make it your own.  I love that trippy intro with Dave Wyndorf sounding like a shell-shocked Vietnam vet before breaking into the iconic anti-war song.

This song comes off of the 2nd of the 2 very excellent Black Sabbath cover albums titled Nativity In Black 1 & 2 (named after the song NIB, which is really not an acronym for nativity in black, but just simply ‘nib’, the nickname of drummer Bill Ward’s beard, the source of all evil).  If you ever come across these cover records, I highly recommend them, some great covers by great bands like Machine Head, Ministry, Megadeth, and System of a Down covering a wide variety of Ozzy era Sabbath songs.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

And the slim chance you’ve never heard the original, here’s that too.