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Theme Thursday: Metal to Break Stuff To

You had a bad day at work or school, a big fight with your significant other or you parents.  For some reason, whatever you do nothing can seem to work out and you can’t shake that urge to grab the closest thing to you and just smash it on the floor shouting a steady stream of obscenities.  I don’t thing a single person in the world, even the Dali Lama, has never felt that feeling.  Sometimes we just have the need to want to bust some shit up real good.  Now because of being mature adults and what not we have an obligation to keep our destructive emotions under check, so it’s not always wise to destroy everything you cross in you warpath of piss and vinegar.  That’s where metal comes in.  What better form of music to emulate the rage and release you feel when you get into that destructive mood.  Have the need to break some shit, pop in some metal, it should help out a bit, it always works for me.  If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in a position where you can actually do some mass destruction, blast some metal anyways, the release will be even more sweeter.

Here’s some tunes that I like to listen to at deafening volumes when I find myself in that rage filled, I need something to decimate mood.  Sometimes it’s the drive and ferocity of a song that makes it a good ‘breaking stuff’ tune, sometimes its a killer groove that helps me let loose the rage with a nice steady rhythm, and at times it’s the lyrics (or certain phrases) that just make me “Grahhaaaaaaaaaaa”.  What are some of your favorite metal songs to let aggression out to?  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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That One Album That Changed It All

Yesterday I read a post on another metal blog that I frequent, Heavy Blog is Heavy(you can read the post here).  Upon reading that post a wave of fun and stupid memories from my high school days in the 90’s came flooding back into my mind as the authors talked about this very special album.  What I was reading was a throwback to an album that I could honestly say had a major, if not the most important, impact on me and how my musical tastes developed into what they are today.  That album is the self titled debut L.P. from Mr. Bungle.

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