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Mammal’s Best of 2015 – Part 1/10


The grim-faced troops brace themselves. The whistle blows and the sergeant yells, “Over the top, men!” They emerge from the trench to a hailstorm of machine-gun bullets.

I’m glad my sorting of hundreds of albums in various categories wasn’t anything like that, except for the “over the top” part. Or maybe “overboard” would be a better word. I cannot contain myself, not only because of my expanding waistline but because I love so many kinds of music. Last year didn’t disappoint me; 2015 was a great year for all the main genres I’ve grown to love during my two-thirds of a century.

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Full Album Stream: Broughton’s Rules – Bounty Hunter 1853

If you missed Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Broughton’s Rules, let me fill you in a little bit.  I missed them too, so don’t worry.  Let’s learn about them together.  First, they are an instrumental band picked up by Relapse Records.  We received an email telling us they have just entered the studio to record their second full-length album.  Great, but I never heard the first one.  Lucky for us (and now you) there was a link to an album stream where we can all check it out.  The email noted that the new album should be out in the autumn and was described as “appropriate music to listen to while sipping herbal tea during the apocalypse.”  Personally, I was looking for such a band for such an event and now I have found them.

Bounty Hunter 1853 is the name of the stream in question today.  It was released in November 2010 and you can stream it below and follow the links as necessary.  From my standpoint, I enjoy instrumental music.  Broughton’s Rules falls along the lines of alt, indie, and atmospheric rock; perfect for tea the end of the world.   I think you know you have done instrumental music right when each song tells a story.  Check it out for yourself.

*note – there are some vocals.

Full Album Stream: Utopium – Utopium

There isn’t a lot of info out there about this internationally blended quartet, so let’s let the music do the talking because with Utopium, the music is what it is all about.  The nine-track self-titled album isn’t very long, but the music contained therein is more than enough to alter your mood.  Utopium is light on vocals and heavy on their indie/alt rock musicianship.  The band has been a way for a while prior to the release of their new album.  Utopium formed in the late 90s and released a couple of EPs and full-length albums throughout the years.  Their new self-titled work was released 28 April 2014.

For fans of A Place to Bury Strangers, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, Slint, The Jesus And Mary Chain…