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Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #17- Shame on a Nigga covered by S.O.A.D.

controversyBeing one of those bands that also does some fine, and quite interesting covers (this isn’t the first time SOAD is on this list, nor the last) as well as making damn good original music, I found myself a bit surprised when SOAD chose to cover WuTang Clan’s insanely controversial song.  But when you think about it makes sense, SOAD were always a band that loved to bring various social and political controversies to the forefront with their music, and WuTang are definitly one of the most (and best) hip-hop groups out there.

I like SOAD’s take on the song moving it from the jazzy samples and beats of the original to the glorious sounds of metal.  They add a different mood to it, and dare I say make it sound more angry.  And R.Z.A. (my favorite member of WuTang) gave his grace to SOAD covering this landmark song of theirs by stepping and rapping out a guest verse by showing homage to his fallen bandmate, Dirty Ol’ Bastard and rapping the late members verse.  Whether you enjoy hip-hop or not, I recommend rocking out to this cover fully as well as taking a moment to jive to the fat grooves of the original.

S.O.A.D. Version:

Original WuTang Clan Version:

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