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Reggie’s Top 15 of 2012

2012Just when I thought 2011 was a banner year for metal, I think 2012 might be equal to or better in terms of both quality music and sheer volume of albums released.  It surely was not a dull moment if you ask me; it seemed like I was listening to at least a couple new albums each week.  Interestingly, I can probably look at half my list and tell you that some of these albums, I had no idea were coming.  They completely snuck on me or I never expected them like Kreator…a band I nearly forgot about came out with a killer album.  The band at #15 I never knew existed until just a few weeks ago and I am still impressed with them.  There are definitely some surprises on my list this year.  Some of these bands have been around for years and I am only now getting into them. I hope you had a great 2012 in metal!  Here are my Top 15 albums of 2012.

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Theme Thursday – Reggie’s Top 5 of 2012 So Far

We are at the time of year to reflect upon at what albums really made an impression on me – it’s time for the mid-year best of list.  We are half way through a pretty amazing year as far as metal is concerned.  Quite a few veteran bands out there released some stellar music…with one New Jersey band topping my list so far.   One thing I love about blogging with fellow metalheads is that we all love metal equally, but definitely have a fondness for different subgenres.  Both Matt’s and Mark’s lists are great and unique and give me something to listen to…some of that stuff I haven’t heard yet.  I hope I can offer the same in return.   Here is my Top 5 list for mid-year 2012.

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Album Review – Helvetios – Eluveitie

Eluveitie is a special band to me.  They were my entry point into the realm of Folk Metal and I couldn’t be more grateful for them opening up a huge musical realm for me to discover.  The first album I heard by them, Slania, is a Folk Metal masterpiece and its follow-up, Everything Remains (As It Never Was) was no sloucher either.  Needless to say that upon hearing that their new album was to be released my anticipation and expectations went sky-high.  Like many albums I over-hype, often times, in the end I am let down.  So, you may be wondering if Helvetios lived up to the hype I built up for it in my head.  Let’s say I wasn’t let down in the slightest.

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Helvetios Is Now Complete

Folk metal giants Eluveitie have just wrapped up all production on their forthcoming record Helvetios.  On their blog they stated:

We can finally say “it’s done”! The final mastering has been finished during the last week, and yesterday already a first prelistening-session for invited press representatives has taken place at Nuclear Blast’s offices in Donzdorf, Germany. We believe it’s our best work yet, and it seems we’re not the only ones!

Along with finishing the album Eluveitie have also finished recording two music videos to support the album.  They used the same director they worked with when recording the video for “Thousandfold”, Grupa13(who has also worked with Polish band Behemoth on their latest, wonderfully made videos).

Expect to see both the new album and videos sometime in early 2012.

Eluveitie Working on New Material

Holy folk, how did I let this bit of news pass me by, well better late than never.  Swiss folk metal masters Eluveitie are currently in Newsound Studios in Switzerland in the process of recording the follow-up to last years excellent Everything Remains(As it Never Was).  The album is going to be called Helvetios, which I guess is a reference in someway to “Helvetia”, which is the Gualish word for the region that Eluveitie are from.  The album is expected to be released in early 2012 and cannot come soon enough, definitely one of my highest anticipated releases of next year.

To tide the fans over Eluveitie has released an ongoing series of behind-the-scenes and interview videos called Elu T.V.  You can watch them here.  The episodes so far are well made and pretty interesting, check em out.

Here’s a video of Eluveitie teaching the Gualish language to their American audience, enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!