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Tales From Bandcamp: Heart of Oak by Anciients

a1928185160_10Somewhere between Opeth and Mastodon lies Anciients.  Wielding the sword of prog metal coated in moody atmospheres and honed with memorable riffing and catchy melodies Heart of Oak slays even the weariest of prog metal fans.  Stellar musicianship that is very technical but never roams into the superfluous realms and a dearth of variety and pacing make this album even more of an engaging listen.  While I have found myself becoming rather disappointed in new prog metal bands the past couple years or so and many new bands that tag themselves with the genre and produce nothing but snooze-fests, Heart of Oak is such a breath of fresh air.  Nothing comes off feeling contrived or forced but wholly organic and passion fueled.  An excellent debut and I greatly look forward what this Canadian band can do in the future.  Give the album a listen and share your thoughts.  If you dig it buy yourself a copy and tell your metal loving brethren about them.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!

Band Links: Bandcamp Facebook Official Site