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21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #19 – Impending Doom (Chimaira)

I like the feel of today’s song Impending Doom by Chimaira.  The intro really does give the feeling of impending doom during its slow parts.  Then, of course, it breaks out a little more where you have Mark Hunter shouting at you.  You can find this song on the album, The Infection.  It wasn’t my favorite Chimaira album overall, but it had a few gems to include this more somber song…perfect for the doomsday countdown.

Instead of just posting the song clip, I came across this fan video which appears to feature scenes from the movie remake of the classic Halloween franchise.  This version was remade by Rob Zombie.  Halloween happens to be my favorite horror movie of all time.  The Rob Zombie remakes are pretty cool too, but nothing beats the original John Carpenter movie.  So, with your 19th day of doomsday, enjoy a little blood and guts.   For a better quality song, see the clip below the movie.


Top 10 Halloween Songs

Since this past Wednesday was Halloween, I was going through my iPod listening to songs I considered to have a Halloween theme. It’s probably no surprise that many of them were by metal bands. By the end of the day I had come up with what I thought provided the best soundtrack for the day. Feel free to leave suggestions as to what I should put on my playlist for next year!

10-I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery by Woods of Ypres: The song is a haunting one, perhaps best suited for those with a more philosophical side to them. After all, who knows what the afterlife holds and what happens if you’re a ghost.

9-This Situation is Getting Hairy by the Workout:  What would you do if someone you knew turned into a werewolf? The Workout seek to answer this in this semi-romantic song.

8-Dragula by Rob Zombie: Zombie describes what might make for a good Halloween night: Burning witches! (Maybe I’m a little biased on this one since  I live close to Salem)

7-Welcome Home by King Diamond: Having your granny back in your life may seem nice at first, but turns into a nightmare when you realize she rose from the dead.

6-The Fatal Feast by Municipal Waste: Two words: Space Cannibalism

5-Enter Sandman by Metallica: Metallica’s hit song and accompanying music video gave me plenty of nightmares as a child.

4-Bark At the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne: Horror is a theme in classic Ozzy tunes but this one’s particularly campy. Bonus: Ozzy in werewolf makeup.

3-Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden has some pretty dark songs but this one is the most nightmare worthy.

2-American Psycho by the Misfits: There are plenty of spooky songs by the Misfits but this encapsulates the way one feels when watching a classic slasher flick.

1-War Pigs by Black Sabbath: Iron Man is the usual Halloween favorite to play but this embodies the holiday perfectly.

Song of the Week: Halloween by Helloween

Obvious Song of the Week choice is obvious, but damn is it a great tune.   Helloween’s “Halloween” off of Keeper of the 7 Keys is the perfect song to blast at your home as you watch horror movies and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Enjoy this epic and have a Happy Halloween!!!!


P.S.  This is probably an odd place to put this request, but if you could, please send your positive energy over to those that were hit by Superstorm Sandy.  Growing up and spending 26 years of my life on the Jersey Shore before venturing out to explore the world, the effects of the destruction really hit home for me.  As I see pictures of my old haunts and stomping grounds flooded and leveled to the ground and hearing stories of how some of my friends have lost their homes it tears me up.  Fortunately the death toll was minimal as local, state, and national governments handled the situation wonderfully and the people of the communities really reached out to each other and kept a horrible situation as safe as possible.  So, keep the NJ and NY in your thoughts and I’m sure before I know it the great people of the Jersey Shore will have rebuilt my beloved boardwalks and their homes so the next time I go to visit family and friends I’ll get to see the new and improved Jersey Shore (hopefully with less Snooki 😛 ).  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Theme Thursday: The Halloween Playlist To Have Nightmares To

Last year I made up my ultimate Halloween playlist for metalheads looking to dress in motley, down some beer and Jager shots, and have a good time.  The songs on that list carried an up beat energy and worked well with a party atmosphere.  This year I’d like to make another playlist, but instead of focusing on having a good time, this list is going to contain music made to make the listener uncomfortable and all round f’ with their head.  The songs (if you would call some of them that) presented here would fit right at home in one of those really well done haunted hay rides, haunted house, or an abandoned insane asylum that has a few nutcases roaming the halls.  Some of the music here isn’t technically metal (or even ‘music’), but one thing it will do is scare the living daylights out of you or any unsuspecting visitor you play it for.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Themed Thursday-Ultimate Heavy Metal Halloween Playlist

Vulgar Display of Pumpkin

If you happen to be hosting a Halloween party this year, one thing to make sure you get perfect is the music.  While the T.V. screens showing footage of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff and the fog machines and creepy lighting set the mood, nothing will get you guests moving and having a good time like a good selection of tunes.  And what style of music fits Halloween better than some good ol’ metal.  Here’s some songs that will get you’re party hoppin’, boppin’ and headbangin’.  This is an all-ages playlist, so if you have some youngsters coming to your party, no worries, no death metal or anything too intense(maybe a little innuendo here and there).  All of these songs will show your guests a good time.  Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Readers: What would you add to the playlist and where?  What would be your perfect heavy metal Halloween party playlist?
Update 2012: I see that this playlist is still getting quite a bit of views, so if you are one of the people who randomly found this you may also be interested in my 2012 Halloween playlist.  The new one is more focused on truly horrifying music that goes beyond goofy death metal and all that Marylin Manson/Slipknot stuff that others put into their ‘heavy metal Halloween playlists’.  Some twisted and nightmarish tune can be found by clicking here to get your friends to question your sanity, and quite possibly their own.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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