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Sonic Cathedral’s female-fronted roundup for July

SonC logoOur friends at Sonic Cathedral reviewed three albums in July. Two of the albums are hard rock and the third album is as much hard rock as metal. Accordingly, all three albums feature powerful, clean female vocals, considerable melody in the compositions, and plenty of driving beat and oomph.

Sonic Cathedral’s website and Facebook page focus mainly on metal with female vocalists. However, they also cover many types of rock. The SC July selections show how comfortably hard rock and heavy metal go hand-in-hand. SC is a great destination for fans, performers and promoters of what has become known as female-fronted metal and rock.

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Monday Metal Madness – Grammy Nominations 2012

grammy_awardLast year, for the 2011 Grammy Awards (click here for our 2011 poll), there were some cool deserving bands nominated for an award.  Dream Theater received their first nomination and Mastodon and Megadeth were also nominated.  However, it was Foo Fighters who swept anything and everything related to Rock/Metal.  Nothing bad on them, they deserve to be awarded for their work, they are a great band.  But, it’s painfully obvious that the Grammy Committee is still unable to draw the line between Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal. They need to separate these categories completely.  Incidentally, A Metal State of Mind voters wanted Dream Theater to win.

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Album Review: Halestorm – The Strange Case Of…

Halestorm is the result of parental support of their kids’ desires to play musical instruments.  With the help and support of their father, Roger Hale, Lizzy and Arejay Hale started playing instruments at young ages.  This is why we need to promote and keep music programs in schools.  Ok, off my pedestal now.  When things fell into the right place, Lizzy and Arejay were able to acquire full time musicians.  The result was an energetic band of their own; creatively embedding their own name in their moniker.  Fast forward to the here and now; we have Halestorm’s sophomore effort, The Strange Case of…; an assortment of pop-metal riffs and melodies surely to keep the fingers snapping.

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Video of the Week – Love Bites (So Do I)

Yesterday on THOM, there was a discussion about the pretty ladies of metal.  It got me thinking about one front-woman from the band Halestorm.  The reason I thought of her is not because of her looks (though she is hot), but because I keep seeing them everywhere I turn…either on TV, magazines, or seeing them listed on festival stages.  They just released their sophomore album a couple of weeks ago called The Strange Case Of…Today I finally scoped them out on YouTube and was surprised by what I heard.  For some reason I thought I would hear something much more heavy.  Instead, Halestorm seem to be a more edgy version of Evanescence…which is a good thing if you ask me.  More rock, less pop.

If you have heard of Halestorm what is your impression of them?  For me, I think I am going to do a bit more digging,  One thing I find particularly interesting is that lead vocalist, Lizzy Hale, plays guitar.  So, she is more than just a babe fronting a rock band.  In the meantime, here is a video of theirs to wrap up this week’s regular posts at  A Metal State of Mind.  Have a great weekend!