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Exploring New Things: Jakub Zytecki, guitarist

11050769_942665402440912_702368348222306337_nSome of you might know this young man as “the shred-master of feels” in the Polish prog band DispersE, or from his channel on Youtube, as he’s quickly becoming a well known name in prog rock/metal circles. Jakub Zytecki has the talent, the skills and the charm, all of which he’s ready to show off to the world in his upcoming solo debut, released next week. Today the second single was presented to us, and in similar fashion to the first one, it left me deeply impressed and excited for what’s to come. Easy flowing interesting compositions, a great vocalist and dreamy guitar work – the songs freshness and complexity exceeded my expectations by far. Have a listen!

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Song of the Week – Requiem For The Living

I don’t have much of Jeff Loomis’s solo works. He is a great guitarist and was the reason I got into Nevermore. Unfortunately, Nevermore called it quits, but we still get to hear Jeff Loomis’s crafty work on his latest album, Plains of Oblivion due out in April. Normally, the song of the week is the first random song played first thing in the morning. I make exceptions for the promotion of new music. If there is something new out, I love to share it with you in case you haven’t had a chance to see it yet. This is where Jeff’s first track comes in. Here is his newest song Requiem for the Living.