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Album Review: DevilDriver – Trust No One

devildriver_trustnooneWhen Dez Fafara announced DevilDriver was going on hiatus back in 2014, I felt it was the end of the band.  Long-time band members were dropping off the roster like flies while Dez’s other band, Coal Chamber, was making a momentous comeback. I was beginning to think Winer Kills was the last album we’d see from DevilDriver.  But, that was not the case.  With Mike Spreitzer being the remaining musician with any sort of tenure, they recruited Austin D’Amond, Neil Tiemann, and a bassist (Diego Ibarra – listed as touring bassist) and began working on new material in 2015.  It was a short-lived hiatus and for DevilDriver fans, it’s a good thing because Trust No One takes DevilDriver in a slightly different direction than we are used to.

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Oddball Song of the Week: Honor in Anarchy – Nice Tits, Bitch!

Nice TitsHonor in Anarchy, a young band from the Atlanta, Georgia, sent us their debut single yesterday. It’s a different type of bouncy, groovy thrash and so off-the-wall that it’s a total hoot. The music is pretty cool too.

Before we play the song, let’s put things in context.

First, the band. They started in 2013 as a groove metal band called D-MOD. Playing the same kind of music as many other bands in one of the most competitive genres wasn’t moving them along very fast. After a rethink they disbanded, then reformed under their current name and rebranded themselves. Their new approach introduces a different way of writing lyrics, for one thing.

In “Nice Tits, Bitch!” the lyrical structure could be called narrative comedy or parody.

The song pays harsh but humorous tribute to the opening scenes of a strange movie titled “ThanksKiller”. Grit your teeth and watch the trailer.

The premise of the movie is that a turkey named Turkie, raised from the dead by a necromancer called Feathercloud, reappears every 505 years to slaughter Caucasians. When it slew its first victim in 1621, it spoke to the corpse: “Nice tits, bitch!”

One of its many targets 505 years later is a guy named Darren. I confess in shame that I haven’t seen the movie and therefore don’t know why Darren is anatomically endowed in the way he is described in the song.

“ThanksKilling” was a low-budget horror-comedy flick. Some critics said it was so badly made, and its humour was so bad too, that the movie was irresistibly enjoyable. It’s become a minor cult classic.

Honor in Anarchy don’t want to be a minor anything. As their spokesman, Chase Kopp, has stated: “HIA is on a mission to dominate the world one bleeding ear at a time.”

Click here for the Bandcamp page where you can listen to “Nice Tits, Bitch!” You need to see the page because it shows all the lyrics. Happy listening.

Find out more about Honor in Anarchy on their Facebook page.


Album Review: Xerath – III

Xerath_III_CoverLocation: Basingstoke, Hampshire, England

Genre: Beautifully blurred; sometimes progressive death, sometimes orchestral groove, sometimes breakout extreme metal

Release date: 15 September 2014

Label: Candlelight Records

Tracks: 14

Length: 1 hour 9 minutes

Recommended to: Fans of Erra, Elitist, Beltane, Haunted Shores, Cloudkicker, Volumes, Structures

Mammal’s rating: 5 out of 5

The first two albums by Xerath, titled simply I and II, were sheer brilliance. Matching either of those releases, never mind topping them, would require a Herculean effort. Well, Xerath flexed their mighty thews and ensured that III is every bit as good as their previous work. In some respects I suppose it may be better. I’m not going to say it is, though. That would be like a believer saying God is better than God.

It’s quite a challenge to slot Xerath into any genre. Their musical approach is as wide as the sky and as deep as the place where angler fish have to carry headlamps.

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Roundtable Review: Scamp – The Deadcalm

???????????????????????????????????????Label: Scarlet Records

Release Date:  June 10th, 2014

Songs:  12 tracks, 1 hour

Genre:  Groove/Thrash metal

Studio Albums: Mirror Faced Mentality, 2008

Location:  Aarhus, Denmark

For fans of: Soilwork, Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Machine Head, In Flames


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Roundtable Album Review: Shredhammer – Beyond Your Reach (Demo)

Shredhammer_CoverLabel: Self-released

Release Date: 18 January, 2014

Songs: 4

Length: 19 minutes

Genre: Thrash/groove

Studio Albums: This is their debut release

Location: Cologne, Germany

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Roundtable Review: Reflections by Ferium

Reflections CoverLabel: Transcend

Release Date:  Apr. 7th, 2014

Genre:  Groove/Death Metal

Studio Albums: This is their debut

Location:  Haifa, Israel

Recommended for fans of: Lamb of God, Pantera, Black Dahlia Murder



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Album Review: As the Palaces Burn (10th Anniversary Edition) by Lamb of God

PromoImageRoughly about 10 years ago I started listening to a band I would have never imagined would ever explode to fame and heights that they soar at today.  Lamb of God was an extreme metal band that simply blew me away the moment I started listening to the opening track on my shiny As the Palaces Burn CD that I had bought on a friends recommendation.  My first impression was that Lamb of God are carrying the torch of New Wave of American Metal that the legendary Pantera had lit a decade before.  But I also thought, due to the intensity of the music it would only appeal to a niche sect of people already established in the realms of death metal.  Pantera were heavy as fuck, but they still were very accessible, and at the time metalcore was taking off, and while there were some pretty extreme bands getting popular, they were also rife with accessibility.  Lamb of God was brutal, intense, pissed off, and pulled no punches.  Yet somehow, their no-holds-barred style of groove/death metal hit a chord with both seekers of more accessible metal as well as lovers of the extreme spectrum and a legend was born.

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Album Review: Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls by Glorior Belli

PromoImageYou got to love it when a band names their album with a title that sums up perfectly what the listener is going to find within it.  On the new record by Glorior Belli gators do rumble and chaos does unfurl.  They rumble and unfurl so much that for the past week since this record landed in the Metal State inbox I have not been able to stop listening to the thing.  I’ve known about the band for a bit of time now, but like the horrible metal head that I am, I just never got around to checking them out, so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether this record is better or worse than the bands previous efforts.  But what I can tell you, as a newcomer to Glorior Belli, I will be hunting down the bands entire backlog over the next few months as their approach to black metal is one of the freshest and most original I’ve heard in years.

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Tales From Bandcamp: The Aporkalypse by Boargazm

To add a little spice to my Bandcamp posting, which has become pretty regular as of late, the full album streams I find on Bandcamp will get posted with the new/updated header ‘Tales From Bandcamp’.  Sooooo, that’s about it, same great metal, new header.  As always, if you dig one of the streams/albums be sure to tell your friends and fellow metal head brethren, most of the bands on there are on small labels or are independent, so a single share goes a long way.  And if you know of or are a killer band on Bandcamp let me know (by either posting a comment here, on our Facebook wall, or by e-mail {metalstate[at]yahoo[dot]com}), and if I dig it I’ll be thrilled to spread the word.  All genres of metal are welcome as I’d like to make these posts as diverse as humanly possible.  Also, a special thanks to who has helped point me in the right direction on some of these finds (not all 😉 ) so check them out for even more quality Bandcamp streams.  So, without further ado….

Today I bring you ‘pig metal’.  Have you ever listened to a death metal record and said to yourself the singer sounds like an angry pig snorting in his trough?  Well, the magnificently and hilariously titled Boargazm have taken that thought to a literal level and created their debut record The Aporkalypse (again, amazing titling).  Grindy, groovy, thrashy, and filled with in your face death metal this record is pretty damn kick ass.  Surprising enough, while the vocals are very supine, they’re not as exaggerated and ridiculous like some other death metal bands and flow with the music really well.  For the most part everything on this record is brutal and solid with a few forays into some sloppy parts (would you expect anything less from a pig?) that are easily overlooked when compared to the big picture.  As far as the themes of the album, well, I think that the bio on Boargazm’s Bandcamp page sums it up the best.

The year is 2086, Planet Earth is under attack by an unknown alien force referred to as the pig people from Planet Zorg. In an assault led by the pig-lord General Barbatus, the space-pigs slaughter millions of people within the first few hours, and broadcast an ultimatum to the human race. Submit to slavery or die. Unbeknownst to mankind, the pig people have visited planet earth nearly three thousand years ago, using a calculated approach to steer civilization into overpopulation by introducing basic technologies and sciences to nations across the globe. Throughout history, all the evidence was refuted and regarded as a hoax, until the day the pigs returned once the planet had enough protein and sentience. A rebel band of resistance fighters known only as ‘The Pig Whisperers’ went to see the oracle, witch doctor from the third world. Hoping to find an answer on how to liberate their race, she told them that the only way to prevent this attack is to go back in time and warn the world, through a mystical ritual that involves time-incarnation. ‘The Pig Whisperers’ were immediately born a hundred years earlier and received frequent visions from the oracle in one clear message: be prophets of the aporkalypse by any means necessary. Drawn together to tell the world of the fate of mankind, Boargazm introduces their first chronicle ‘The Aporkalypse’.

So, check out The Aporkalypse and be sure to download your free copy.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Bacon!!!!!

Song of the Week: Into the Pit

After taking leave from Judas Priest, legendary metal frontman Rob Halford started up a heavier and edgier band that went by the name Fight.  Their debut record War of Words is one hell of a beast of an album with a heavy focus of merging thrash metal and groove metal.  It’s almost like having Slayer blaring through one speaker and Pantera through the other, both turned up to 11.
“Into the Pit” is the first track off that debut record and it gets right to the point as to what Fight are about.  Rob Halford wastes no time reaching for the glass shattering high notes and Scott Travis’s (Judas Priest, Racer X) drumming adds mad drive to the tune.  And that awesome thrash riffing and soloing, guess who that’s played by.  On guitar is Russ Parrish, also know as Satchel from the excellent hair metal parody band Steel Panther.
I got to see Fight live in 1996 and man, you should have seen the pit at the show when they played this tune.  Ultimate mosh pit song, quite possibly so.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!