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Album Review: Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil

495291Album:  Crypt of the Devil

Release Date:  5 May 2015

Label:  Metal Blade

Songs:  10

Length:  37 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Haunted (1995); Warpath (1997); Maximum Violence (1999); True Carnage (2001); Bringer of Blood (2003); 13 (2005); Commandment (2007); Death Rituals (2008); Undead (2012); Unborn (2013).

Genre:  Death Metal

Location:  Florida, United States

Six Feet Under is back with another dose of groove-laden death metal. The only problem the groove part.  The classic rhythm that laid the foundation for most of the eleven Six Feet Under albums simply doesn’t exist on Crypt of the Devil.  Instead, it has been mostly replaced with blast beats, tighter riffs, and abrupt tempo changes.  On paper, that really doesn’t sound like a problem does it?  For some reason it doesn’t work as well as I think they might have planned.  There is either something missing from the recipe or there is too much of something that spoiled the end result.  Let’s figure this out…  Read the rest of this entry

Song of the Week: Fragore – Resurrection Nemesis

I’ve really taken a fancy to Fragore after hearing just a few tracks from the debut full-length album, The Reckoning. This is no-nonsense, crisp, immensely catchy groove death metal. It is uncomplicated, played by just three guys from Italy. They combine to produce top-class metal stripped of any frivolous adornments. What you get is irresistible riffs, pulse-driving bass, tight and expert drumming and perfectly moderated vocals. If I’m going  a little overboard, blame it on the music. I love it. I call it all-day music.

The band has been around in different shapes and forms for quite a few years. The line-up has almost completely changed from what it was at the outset. For The Reckoning, Fragore is made up of Davide Nunziante on vocals and guitars, Alessandro Baronetto on drums and Andrea Lorenti on bass.

The album is available from


New videos for metal lunatics

HeadacheThere are two common factors in this selection of new videos. One, they are all hard ‘n’ heavy. Two, they are all the sort of music that makes non-metal people splutter: “You must be crazy to listen to that stuff.”

So, tighten your strait jackets, tell all your hippie friends to leave the room, and crank the volume up to 11 to satisfy your insanity.

Here, chew on this packet of ball-bearings while you listen.


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