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Grinding Recommendations


Corrupt Leaders

A selection of newly released grindcore.

French band Bind Torture Kill (BTK) gives us their first full length, death metal/mathcore influenced “Condamné” (January 26th, self-released)


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Album Review: Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium

CC_Cover_Symbol_v7_#10E0D85Album:  Pandemonium

Label:  Napalm

Songs:  12

Length:  52 Minutes

Previous Albums:  Inflikted (2008); Blunt Force Trauma (2011).

Location:  United States / Brazil

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Roundtable Review: Please Explode by Columns

pleaseexplode_1500Album Review: Columns – Please Explode

Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: August 4th, 2014

Songs: 16

Length: 35 minutes

Genre: Grind

Studio Albums: Just Another Species (MCD – 2010)

Location: NC, USA

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Sockweb – Father-daughter grindcore duo


Joanie, 7, and her father Adam from Indiana have been working hard on Sockweb‘s debut album ever since they showed off their absolutely adorable grindcore song “I Want Pancakes” last year. Joanie writes all the lyrics and is also the lead singer. Her career in metal is starting off early and it sounds damn good already!

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Mini Reviews – Man Must Die, Big Guns, Avelion, Neurotic November

626570625575I am not sure what to call Man Must Die; perhaps death metal or grindcore might be a good fit, but labels don’t really mean much.  What I should say is that the 10 songs on their new album Peace Was Never An Option are nothing less than guttural, brutal, bone-crunching, with a flair for melody.  The Scottish quartet stitches together some brutal elements that remind me a little bit of Napalm Death with the vocal style and tempo changes.  The big difference from a constant barrage of brutality is that they do find room for well-composed guitar melodies and short solos.  They aren’t thrown in there like some metalcore bands do it…faced and out-of-place.  Man Must Die does a great job of transitioning from harsh to heavenly when it comes to infusing melody with an otherwise devilish pace.  Their overall feel transitions from a more standard death metal formula and touches upon grindcore and thrashy elements a little bit for a fairly brutal concoction of enjoyable metal.  Their album was released on Lifeforce records and is out now worldwide.

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Exploring New Things: Sockweb – Brutal, adorable grindcore


The band Sockweb is totally irresistible! It’s a seven year old girl that writes her own lyrics and sings with her dad in a grindcore band.  The best thing is they manage to create serious, good, brutal songs while staying cute and adorable!

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Video Of The Week – More of Fire Than Blood

It wasn’t until a couple of months ago I sat down to really listen to Anaal Nathrakh. I’ve heard many people say that they make very inaccessible music, but for some reason I have never experienced it that way. It’s a brilliant mix of black/death metal and grindcore with lots of hyperactive heaviness, strong choruses, relentless speed and extreme vocals (or noises if you will) that sound just right to me.

Something tells me this is not for everyone, it might even be a ‘love it or hate it’ band. But I wanted to share it with you because their music brings peace to my mind when I’m upset or frustrated and it gives me energy when I’m exhausted. It affects me in so many ways and I always feel stronger, both mentally and emotionally, after listening to one of their albums.

‘More Of Fire Than Blood’ is the third track from Anaal Nathrakh’s album In The Constellation of the Black Widow, released in 2009.

Full Album Streams: All We Love We Leave Behind by Converge

Converge is a band I don’t talk about nearly enough here.  Since having my ears torn to shreds by their album Jane Doe a good handful of years ago they have reined as one of the best post-hardcore/grindcore/tech-metal bands around in my eyes.  While many bands are able to capture the same level of technicality and brutality none deliver the passion and emotional side quite like Converge does.  Listening to any of their albums along their long career prove that no other band can personify rage and aggression quite like they can.  On their new album, All We Love We Leave Behind, it’s business as usual as ~40 minutes of blistering metal look to crush the listeners aural senses with unbridled chaos reigned in with bouts of stellar musicianship and many nods to many genres to keep a playthrough engaging and worthy of repeat listens.

In the official Youtube album stream vocalist Jacob Bannon designed and ‘animated’ all of the artwork for each track as he also did on the physical release of the record.  Definitely some cool stuff to look at while you listen.  Give a listen and check out the official video for the single “Aimless Arrow”.  Let us know what you thought.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Stream of All We Love We Leave Behind

Video for “Aimless Arrow”

Full Album Streams: Book Burner by Pig Destroyer

Bless NPR and their constant quality of selections of music they cover and provide full album streams for.  If you were to tell me 10 years ago that NPR would be covering underground extreme metal acts with high quality and researched articles and album streams I would have laughed my ass off.  But lo and behold they have been quite consistent with providing some top-notch metal (as well as other genres of music).  This week they are streaming the new Pig Destroyer album, Book Burner.  To say that this album reaches the extreme ends of extreme is an understatement.  In 32 minutes and 27 seconds Pig Destroyer perfectly personifies chaos delivering some of the most intense grindcore songs written since 2001’s Prowler in the Yard.

If you are in need of some music to accompany bouts of smashing your surroundings with a sledge-hammer, look no further than Book Burner.  Click Here or on the album cover above to go to the album stream and let us know what you thought down in the comments.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

EP Review: Mylai Massacre – Nuclear Gorilla

Mylai Massacre is a one-man band with something to say.  Based on their song titles; Government Warmachine, United States of Terror, and War Pushers, it is evident they are dissatisfied with the current world situation and want to sing about it.  That’s okay; times like these make for good angry metal; it gives people ammunition for song fodder.  Throw in some brutal riffing, speed, and guttural vocals and you have a nice recipe for music that will surely get a crowd moving.

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