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Roundtable Review: Please Explode by Columns

pleaseexplode_1500Album Review: Columns – Please Explode

Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: August 4th, 2014

Songs: 16

Length: 35 minutes

Genre: Grind

Studio Albums: Just Another Species (MCD – 2010)

Location: NC, USA

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Song of the Week: Wrong Turn by Mumakil

I’ll be quite honest with you.  Besides just having an outlet to run my mouth about metal and make lists about stuff, one really big perk about having a music blog is getting a good amount of promo albums sent directly to my email for me to listen to and hopefully write about.  Truth be told, a lot of the stuff sent really isn’t my cup of tea or just flat-out sucks and I tend to just let those ones fade away, but quite often something lands in the inbox that really impresses me or at least shows me a good time.  Actively seeking out new stuff can be a pain, even when using stuff like the suggest a band based on my listening habits feature on Spotify or the like (which most of the time just suggests something else I have in my library or sends me to some other band I don’t care for, over and over again).  And if you ever took a business class you know about the theory that ‘the customer doesn’t know what they want’.  Which is true.  If I’m on a thrash metal binge, I am not going to be seeking out doom metal band, but maybe doom metal is really just what I want at the moment and I just don’t know it yet.

Such is the case with this weeks song of the week.  If you haven’t noticed, I have been on a major doom/stoner kick the past good chunk of months and my ears have been being filled with nonstop heady grooves.  Yesterday I was sampling promos and clicked on the band Mumakil, which is more or less a giant war elephant (think that awesome battle scene in Lord of the Rings), and started listening to their upcoming record Flies Will Starve (out June 25 through Relapse Records) and realized I have been missing that brutally extreme metal end in my life recently.  Which led me to upping the heaviness of my current listening habits to pull myself into that nice varied median that I usually like to keep myself in.

Anywho, since I really can’t talk about the record until next week, I’ll just leave their new single “Wrong Turn” here for you to listen to at your leisure.  I must warn you though, even if the song is only a minute and a half long, it packs quite a punch and you may want to be in some form of wide open space because this shit will make you want to annihilate anything and everything in close proximity (in a good way 😉 ).  So, check it out, tell us what you thought, and remember Metal State does not hold any responsibility for what you destroy while listening.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Tales from Bandcamp: Book Burner by Pig Destroyer

I was initially going to write a full review of Pig Destroyer’s new record, Book Burner, after picking it up based on the stellar reviews its been receiving and the fact that I enjoyed their earlier works.  Unfortunately, while a superb slab of grind metal, there really isn’t enough to say to fill a whole review.  Some albums I thoroughly enjoy and can write 1,000+ words on, others I enjoy just as much but just can’t muster up the words, as with Book Burner.  Luckily they have the album on Bandcamp so I run my mouth (fingers) about it a bit under the guise of a Bandcamp posting.

Book Burner is stripped down to the core full wearing its full blast intensity on its sleeve and showing no qualms about it.  There are no punches pulled and no filler to be found anywhere on the whole record. Each track is flat-out blunt and gets right to the point with their often under one or two-minute songs (only 3 songs breach the two-minute mark).  It pretty much connects to your innermost primal rage and doesn’t let go for the duration of its run time.  If you’re looking for some music to go on a rampage to, look no further than Book Burner.  I also dug the hardcore punk bonus covers of bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag.  That’s all I have to say really, it’s a great record and you should listen to it, even if you’re like me and grind really isn’t your thing.  This is grind at its best.  Give it a listen and check out the video for “The Diplomat” (which will most likely get a reprisal as my pick for Video of the Week) and share your opinion on the record.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!