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“Tragedy’s A’Comin'” From Primus

The long awaited official taste of new material from Primus has finally arrived.  The new single is called “Tragedy’s A’Comin'” and shows the more upbeat and funky side of the oddballs.  While listening to it I couldn’t help but notice how similar it sounds to “The Ballad of Bodatious” off of Antipop and has the feel of many of the songs off The Brown Album.  That’s not to say it’s Primus ripping off Primus and it’s not a great tune, it just seems to lack that something that I was expecting to hear(that something being a sound closer to what was put forth on thier 2003 EP Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People).  It does contain a feel similar to Les Claypools solo projects, where he also worked closely with now full time Primus drummer Jay Lane, which I feel will have a large impact on the album.

In the end I really dig the song even if it wasn’t what I was expecting and look forward to hearing Green Naugahyde in September.  I’m sure it will be an album that infuses the many styles of Primus that Priums has worked up over their illustrius career.  What do all you think?

New Primus album due out in 2011

September is shaping up to be a huge month for music fans.  First we get news of a new Opeth album, and today resident oddballs Primus released a press release stating that in September they will be releasing their first full length album since 1999’s Antipop and it will be titled Green Naugahyde and will feature all three of Primus‘ original members, Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde, and Jay Lane.  Bass madman Les Claypool went on to state that it will sound “more like Frizzle Fry“, Primus’ 1990 debut studio album, “due largely to Lane’s involvement.”  [It’s] almost like Frizzle Fry-era Primus. But we also go off into some dark, moody stuff, and there are a lot of textures to it.”

I for one am very excited for this album, Primus has not once disappointed me and after seeing what they can do live with their music and the experimental EP Animals Should Not Act Like People this album seems sure to be a top notch pleaser.  I say thank you to Primus for coming back into the game and giving us fans a new album to salivate over, from the bottom of my heart, I say PRIMUS SUCKS!!!!!!

Peace Love and Metal

Here’s a fan recorded live clip of Primus playing a new song entitled “The Fisherman Chronicles III: Last Salmon Man” that will be included on the album.  Enjoy!



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