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Song of the Day 01/18/11 – God Send Death

Let there be death!  Why not, it’s a Tuesday after a Monday holiday which, to me, is sometimes worse than just a plain old Monday.  So to make up for the long weekend and slow start today, the song of the day is:

God Send Death by Slayer!

Of course I have to put the exclamation after Slayer because it’s not just Slayer, it’s Slayer!

Personally, I have this song ripped from the Soundtrack to the Apocalypse disc 2.  If you do not have the box set you should, it’s the metal thing to do. One of the discs comes in what looks like a blood pack.  What’s cooler than that? 

If you live in the U.K. like me be sure to catch the Big Four at Sonisphere this year on 8 July.  Look for me I am the guy with the bald head.  Have a great day!