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Song Of The Week: Nekrogoblikon – Powercore


Every time that you try to do something right 

You seem to get it oh so wrong 
It’s almost like a joke 
But no one’s laughing now “

“More disappointing than a box of rats on Christmas 
More worthless than a dumpster filled with pogs (POGS!) 
More disgusting than the time I took a bath with lots of slugs 
More revolting than a barrel full of ears”

Our favourite green man is back with a tune that is catchy as hell, lyrics that the whole family can sing along to and a live video where he’s showing off those gorgeous, irresistible goblin moves. Nekrogoblikon’s  EP ‘ power’ was released yesterday and after hearing this song I immediately went to Bandcamp to buy it. The silly lyrics together with that goblin singing voice puts a big smile on my face and while listening there are moments when I feel like painting myself green and wear huge goblin ears so I can get a more authentic experience while rocking out to Nekrogoblikon’s infectious style of symphonic death metal.  Goblins forever!


Stream their EP here:


Monday Metal Madness: Trolls vs. Goblins vs. Orcs

Of all the creatures in the high fantasy realm Trolls, Goblins, and Orcs are by far the nastiest and most metal.  Trolls all big and lumbering with a penchant for the tasty flesh of a Christian.  Orcs known for their brutal and war-like, take no prisoners nature.  And the fun-loving Goblins who will howl laughter as they rip apart your viscera with their long, sharpened talons on their fingers.

Given the very heavy metal nature of these creatures, there are many bands who use them as the forefront of their image, often basing their entire bands style around them.  Of the 3 races here are 3 bands that represent their mystical creature of choice.  Give a listen to some Finntroll, Nekrogoblikon, and A Band of Orcs and vote for your favorite.  And hopefully when the dust and blood is settled on who is the best, these 3 will unite to do battle against a common enemy and tour together.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!



A Band of Orcs




Tales From Bandcamp: Stench by Nekrogoblikon

Funny enough when I stumbled upon the amazing video for “No One Survives” I was totally rocking out to the album it was from on Bandcamp loving every minute of mischievous goblin metal.  Ya, Finntroll, you have some serious competition now!  If you haven’t already, go back one post to the Video of the Week and check out the cinematic metal masterpiece, then come back here and enjoy the rest of this post.  I’ll wait.

Nekrogoblikon play a style of folk metal steeped in the blackened arts of thrash with hints of cheesy power metal layered in every once in a while for good measure.  While immediately you may be thinking that this would sound not to different from their troll counterparts from Finland, there is a difference.  Finntroll have deeper roots in the blackened woods of Scandinavia and are a tad bit more brutal and bloodthirsty.  Nekrogoblikon, on the other hand, grew up on the thrashy streets of Bay Area, CA, USA and prefer stinky things and mischievous pranks over the ingestion of Christians (even though their pranks can lead to decapitation, disembowelment, or dismemberment).  But enough about that, Nekrogoblikon’s new album, Stench, is where it’s at and it’s one of the biggest surprise albums of the year.

Front to back this album shreds and will have you thrashing your head to and fro while you dance a jig to the folk music orchestrations.  While the music is a non-stop adrenaline rush, there is plenty of substance to this record, as I’m going on my 4th listen now and I’m still picking up on cool little bits of music that I missed my first time around.  All while an ear to ear grin graces my face.  Totally give a listen to the album below and if you dig it, as always, purchase it and tell your friends about it.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Goblins!!!!

Nekrogoblikon links: Facebook Bandcamp

Video of the Week: No One Survives

I really have to hand it to a band that puts as much work into a music video like blackened thrash folk metal band Nekrogoblikon did.  Not only are there great make-up effects and awesome music, the video is funny as hell to boot.  I love the intro scene, I totally did not expect what followed.  Bands thinking about making yet another live footage video or a video with band shots in an abandoned warehouse or in the basement of somewhere, watch this, take a step back, and re-evaluate what you’re doing.  This is a heavy metal music video done right!

The song comes off of Nekrogoblikon’s new album, Stench, and is available on Bandcamp (more on that very soon 😉 )and various other retailers.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Goblins!!!