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Videos of the Week: Audiophile and Sleigh Ride

Here’s a nice pair of videos for you this week.  The first is from the filthy, party animal rock band Glitter Dick and their single off their upcoming record  Sparkling Richard.  Being one hell of a catchy tune in the vein of a heavier David Bowie/Iggy Pop, “Audiophile” also delivers on the A/V level with it hilarious DIY approach and nods to the cheesy slasher flicks of the 70s and 80s (Troma’s Sgt. Kabukiman keeps popping into my head for some reason).  The video is damn fun and yet again proof a band can make a great video for less than the cost of a packet of ramen noodles and not have to resort to stoic performance footage.  And going by the live band footage they spliced in with the video, it seems seeing these guys live is one hell of a gloriously depraved experience.

Now I’m going to get all American on you and start celebrating Christmas well before December 25th hits.  Metalcore band August Burns Red have recently released a Christmas album filled with metalized Christmas music, because metalheads love Christmas too, ya know.  The song is super happy and while the video looks like one of those Ipod commercials, it is still pretty neat and reminds me of the joy of being a kid on Christmas morning.  Check it out.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Who Wants a Sparkling Richard?

A couple of months ago I did a post on bands that did covers of metal songs in a very unmetal way (said post here).  Of all the covers I put in that post, the one that impressed me the most was by a band that goes by the delightful name Glitter Dick.  Their surf rock rendition of Slayer’s “Seasons in the Abyss” and accompanying video was just to damn rad and I have listened to the tune a number of times since.

The guys in Glitter Dick have completed their debut album, Sparkling Richard, but like many starting bands, lack the funds to get the album released.  That’s where the ever-so-wonderful Kickstarter comes in.  So, if you dig some crusty rock and roll, dick and fart jokes, and silly Slayer covers and have a wad of cash burning a hole in you wallet give a watch to the innuendo laden infomercial below, listen to that rockin’ Slayer cover, check out the rockin’ original track, and head over to Glitter Dick’s Kickstarter page to make a pledge.  I guarantee it will add a nice sheen to your johnson while you rock out with your cock out.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!