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Music Video Mania-German Metal

Germany is one of my favorite counties to visit.  There’s so many cool things there.  Beer, culture, history, Oktoberfest, currywurst, bratwurst, bier, castles, punctual trains, cool people, clockwork, and more beer.  Germany also houses some amazing and influential metal bands. Today I will be bringing you some of the best Germany has to offer.  Deutschland, du bist wunderbar!!! Prost!!!  Frieden, Liebe, und Metall!!! Read the rest of this entry


Zee Gehrmans Are On Zee Shore!!!

In other Best Of albums news, World renowned German Industrial Metal Band Rammstein are releasing their Best Of collection as well as a disk of remixes on December 6, 2011 and it will be called Made in Germany:1995-2011.  To support this release they have made a video for the unreleased song “Mein Land” and it is absolutely hilarious.  Check it out.  And NSFW(brief shots of some boobs 😉 )

Song of the Week – I Want Out

After being bombarded with new music over the last 6-weeks, I thought I would take a walk down memory lane with this week’s song of the week.  Helloween had been out for a little while before I got my ears on one particular single – I Want Out.  This is the one that did it for me.  It was recorded on the Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II album in 1988 when I was in high school.  So, this qualifies as old school…for me.  For many of you, this is probably before your time all together.  From the time I heard I Want Out , I started to follow the German metal machine and back-purchase their older material.  I am still a fan today and thought I would share with you this song of the week, I Want Out.  This particular video is a live recording with the newer singer; not the one that originally recorded the song back in the day.  This is good quality and he does the song justice.  Enjoy!

Song of the day – 2 Dec 2010

I think Rammstein has made the song of the day at least once, possibly a couple of times.  My iTouch must like Rammstein so today is another installment from the German 6-piece.  It’s probably just a coincidence that I just spent five days in Germany too.  Today’s song of the day is”

Mehr by Rammstein from the album Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

The translation for Mehr is More.  It’s a song about wanting more that what I need and wanting what you have too.  I got this info from a homemade video translation on Youtube.  If you have time, I recommend watching any video Rammstein has made.  They are truly visually stimulating and worth seeing.  Have a great day!  See you on Saturday for the album of the week.  This time  I will pick something that was released in 2010.