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Game Review: Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)

sniper+elite+3+ssIn my attempt to break away from wildly popular shooter games (you know what they are), I picked up “Sniper Elite III” to shake things up a bit when it comes to fast-moving shooter action.  Not to mention, there just aren’t “that” many games out for Xbox One right now, so my choices were limited.  I haven’t played the previous editions of the sniper franchise and it worked out great because I didn’t really need to know about those games coming into part III.  Despite the fact that this story took place before “Sniper Elite V2” I didn’t feel I missed out on story and concept.  All I really needed to play this fun game was patience.  Sometimes I had it; sometimes I didn’t and here is my “Sniper Elite III” story.

The biggest reason I enjoyed this particular tactical shooter is that I had time to plan my attack and decide which approach I was going to take.  I could go quiet or I could go loud or both.  Mostly, I preferred sneaky and stealthy.  I can be a methodical kind of guy, so this aspect of the game pleased me.  Because the game took place during WWII in Northern Africa, there were lots of large rocks, hills, and dessert-atmosphere to hide behind; perfect for sniping. Read the rest of this entry

Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #5-1

the_witcher_medallion_2-1152x864-1000x750#5  The Witcher

It might seem surprising but this is one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen and it affected the game play greatly. I love how it looks like an artist carefully painted the surroundings, especially in the middle sequences and the different loading screens. Instead of trying to make it look as realistic as possible, they went for a more art-y atmosphere, which I really appreciate. I play for escapism, not to be reminded of how things are in real life. Here, the tone/attitude/mood in the game is completely different from other games, maybe because it’s based on a story from a different culture? It sounds fantastic, it looks fantastic. It’s dirty, violent and rough, mixed with some humor and silliness.  Lots of action, likable characters, magic, a little strategy, a bit of sex (the main character is quite the pimp…), gambling and fighting. I don’t have anything to complain about, this was a pure pleasure to play.


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Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #15-11

secretofmana-iphone#15  Secret of Mana

A nice mix between Final Fantasy and Zelda for Super Nintendo. Cozy colors, nice environments and some really odd features here and there. I like that you can switch freely between the cute little characters and there’s real time combat, which provides variation and freedom of choice. It’s not a hugely original game, or not the most difficult one, but it has this special charm and atmosphere that makes me go back to it over and over again.


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Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #20-16

brutal-legend_00366796#20 Brütal Legend

A country in distress needs a saviour. That’s nothing new when it comes to game concepts. But this part of the world needs more than a savior, it needs a fixer. In the country of Rock and Metal you need… A roadie. The “He can build every stage, he can tune any guitar and fix anything” – kind of roadie. I love the freedom you have in Brütal Legend. To just be able to go wherever you want, hack and slash enemies, do anything or nothing at all, while fixing an in-game playlist and blasting some really good metal through the speakers of your car stereo, is awesome. Beer grows on trees and bass strings is made from spider webs. Ozzy Osbourne is The Guardian of Metal and Lemmy is some kind of shaman. The many references to the metal world is extremely entertaining and it includes original songs from Enslaved, In Flames, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, Dragonforce and many more. The only bad thing about this game is that it’s way too short.

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Matt’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games 25-21

top 25 gamesAs you may have noticed, I happen to be a big time gamer (as with the rest of us here on Metal State).  I started out on an Atari 2600 back in the beginnings of the 1980s and haven’t looked back since.  I can not think of a time in my life when I haven’t been completely in love with my digital darlings.  Not to brag, but I will, I have played and finished hundreds of games, and not like 100 something games.  Roughly counting, I’d say that number is up around the 500 mark.  Yet somehow in my ~30 solid years of gaming I have not sat down and tried to make list of the best games I have ever played.  So given we are slightly obsessed with lists around these parts, I figured it’s time to do so (my cohorts will be joining in with their lists as well in the coming days).  Every single game on this list I consider a must play and highly suggest you check all of them out.

For my own set rules I made the cut-off anything released before 2013 as I still need to let the new releases sink in a bit more and some games get an entry as a series and some games in the series get their own number.  If a specific game in a series affected me more than the rest, that game gets top billing and a series gets the number if I feel that the whole series works together to make a cognitive whole. I hope you all enjoy this little list and find some games to either revisit or discover for the first time.  And as always, I’d love to hear your favorite games.  Even though I have played a lot of games, chances are I may have overlooked a hidden gem and point in its direction is always welcome.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!!

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The Indienaught Kindly Requests…. (Apr. 19, 2013)

indie-meme-265x300The realm of indie games is such a wonderful place filled with some of the most imaginative and wonderful games available today.  Pretty much any style of gamer, from the COD armchair soldier to manchild stuck in the days of Super Mario Bros., can find a game that fits their fancy.  But there is also a loooooot of crap to sift through as, bless them for trying, many basement developers just don’t put the required passion or energy into their game and you end up dropping your cash on something less than lackluster.  So, since I don’t mind sifting through the feces for that hidden gem (much like I do with music) I’m here to point out the gaming gems that you may overlook and never end up playing.  You will notice that I do have a thing for retro-syled games and my preferred platform is the PC, so you will see quite a bit of them here, but I’ll do my best throughout these series of posts to be as diversified as possible and I’ll try to mention some deep cuts as well as some of the more popular indie games you may have overlooked.  So, without further ado, I, the Indienaught, kindly request that you check these game out.  I also kindly request that you head over to Steam’s Greenlight section and start checking out some games and upvoting the ones that look cool to you.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Game Review: Anodyne

Anodyne-Box-ArtWhat is it about pixel art graphic aesthetics that will forever draw me into a game?  Many will argue that their usage is reaching a point of over-saturation, that their time has passed, and are just a cheap trick to prey on my generation of gamers nostalgia.  Me, however, feels just the opposite.  I will never get enough of pixel art graphics and with modern technology there is just so much more one can do with them.  And while my nostalgia does play a part in why I enjoy their look, there are many other reasons why I find them pleasing to the eye, such as the adage that one’s mind will fill in the blanks with something more personal and more horrific and/or beautiful than the artist could ever create (see: Japanese horror flicks).  In pixel art graphics, no matter how detailed they get, there is always room for me to fill in blanks and smooth out edges in my mind, therefore creating a delightful mix of what the artist intended and the brush of the artist in my mind.

Anodyne looks not only to explore this facet of gaming and art, but also asks the player to take a deeper step into not only different aspects of game design, but also into game playing and beyond.  Why do we enjoy the medium, why the pleasure derived from an aesthetic, why do we all almost always perform certain actions, and why don’t many of us want to grow up.  Many of these questions are aptly answered in the games title alone, but once you delve into the game and start exploring its surrealistic pixel world the introspects of the 2 man development team’s (Sean Hogan (audio, programming) and Jonathan Kittaka (art, writing) for Analgesic Productions LLC) very personal thoughts and feelings will really start encouraging you to ponder the same theories as they were.  And when all is said and done and the games finale is reached you will realize that you discovered new things about yourself other than why you like video games or pixel art graphics.  So, like the filling in the blanks of the visual art with your imagination, you will be filling in the questions and creating your own questions with the framework the game creates.  Oh, and Anodyne is a lot of fun to play too!

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Game Review: BioShock Infinite

bioshock-infinite-box-artA little over 5 years a little game called BioShock was released and unless you happened to be in the know, it arrived on release date with little fanfare.  The lack of hustle and bustle didn’t last long until reviews started to pour out praising every aspect of the game, many even going as far as to call it the most revolutionary game to date.  The game went on to become a hit seller and many gamers, myself included, found themselves prone to agree with the high praise of the press.  While delivering some great FPS shooting and a neat super power system and a really great underwater city setting, the game really shined and revolutionized in the narrative department utilizing clever tricks at delivering exposition to transform a Maltese Falcon style story (oh, yeah, spoiler, but if you haven’t played it by this point, your fault) into a deep and attention grabbing sociopolitical commentary.  Whether you just wanted action or something deep to analyze, it delivered on all fronts and created a bar so high it became highly questionable if a sequel could ever come close to reaching the heights that it did.

BioShock 2 saw the return to Rapture, the once utopia under the sea.  Expectations were high and the hype around the development was closely monitored in the press.  While finding itself underdevelopment from much of the original team, a key member was missing, lead designer Ken Levine.  When the game landed it was a hit and a damn fine game that worked well at expanding the first’s universe, but it just lacked that extra pinch of inspiration and love that sent the first over the edge and it could be accredited to the absence of Levine.  Fortunately Mr. Levine wasn’t just passing the reigns of his baby off to someone else while he disappeared, instead he slunk back into hiding and began almost immediately working on the game under the microscope today.  And after 5 years of work and polish and an incredible amount of hype from both fans, press, and Ken Levine and Irrational Games themselves BioShock Infinite is upon us looking to not only reach the bar first set at the start of the series, but surpass it and yet again revolutionize the landscape of gaming as we know it.  So, if you’ve been following the game you’ve probably already heard the unanimous praise by critics and fans and what can I say, they are all spot on.  From this day forward, when you dig up the old Websters-Merriam to look up the word success you will find a picture of BioShock Infinite sitting there in all its glory.

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Tales From Bandcamp: Belmont by Mega Beardo

1295937177-1Castlevania, glorious glorious Castlevania.  By far one of my loved gaming series of all time.  I’ve been playing them since I got my hands on that sexy little grey box back in 1988 and haven’t missed a beat on a single one.  And besides the awesome gameplay and constant homage to everything monsters and evil, the Castlevania series has always excelled in the music department with its always consistently kick ass game soundtracks.  I’m not the only person who feels that the music of Castlevania is amazing as there have been countless covers of the game’s music.  And to be honest, it’s gotten to the point of over-saturation.  If I hear one more cover of “Bloody Tears” I think I might literally cry tears of blood while I puke my exhausted guts out.

Which brings me to the album in question featured here today.  While doing my usual browse of the Bandcamp catalog something about the cover nabbed my attention to peek a closer look at Belmont by Mega Beardo (AKA. Ryan Postlethwait of Descension Rate).  And a band name of Mega Beardo, how could I not give a few seconds of my time to give a quick ear to a kick ass band name like that (pro-tip: I’m a fan of beards, everyone should grow one, even chicks 😉 And Birdo is cool too).  Without reading anything about the record I started it up while I did other things and started wondering what Castlevania game the music was coming from, and more importantly, what Castlevania game ever had vocals in the music.  Upon inspection and to my delight, Belmont is not a cover album, but an album of original music based on the concept of Simon Belmont’s perilous journey through Castle Dracula.  Each song is inspired by different levels and monsters of the first Castlevania game and the lyrics build upon the lore of the series and flesh out the character of Simon Belmont better than any of the games did.  Needless to say I instantly fell in love with the concept and even more so when I realized that the music rocked to hell and the lyrics were actually pretty great given the subject matter of a rather narrative-shallow video game.

The music is mainly your classic metal variety with great bouts of heavy thrown in to give it bite when needed and some progressive tendencies such as changing moods and tempos and longer song structures to keep it constantly engaging.  By the time I reached the end of the record I was surprised at the depth contained within.  The contrasts were always great, the songs catchy or moody when needed, the guitar work was excellent with some killer riffing and blazing solos and the rest of the instrumentation excelled as well.  I also liked how Mr. Beardo really captured the feel of the game and the music within without resorting to copycatting and going full on Gothic and cheesy.  So, enough of me rambling, give the record a listen, and as always, if you dig it tell your nerdy and metal loving friends about it and download a copy for yourself (it’s pay what you want, so free if you choose).  Let us know what you thought of the record down in the comments.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

P.S. Mega Beardo is currently in the process of finishing up a Legend of Zelda tribute album called Ledjent of Zelda.  You have my attention sir (not the biggest djent fan, but Zelda….. and some new twist on the music, hell yeah).  I’ll keep you all updated when that lands.  He also has a Mega Man (my other ultimate favorite in video game music)tribute album I’m listening to at the moment and would suggest checking out (you’ll find it on his Bandcamp page).

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp Official Site Twitter

Game Review: X-Com: Enemy Unknown

_-XCOM-Enemy-Unknown-PC-_Cpt. Bigglesworth is the perfect example of the unsung hero.  During the extraterrestrial invasion of 2025 he gave his life not just for his country, but for the world.  During a small squadron mission into the recently discovered alien base to obtain technology that could help the team of X-Com’s scientists understand and better destroy the invading threat, the team found themselves in a vicious firefight.  Brazen as always Lt. Nipplechip rushed into some shady cover to try to get some effective shots in with his laser rifle to try to push the resistance back some to allow the rest of the squad to move into some semblance of favorable positioning.  To his dismay, he had made the wrong choice of taking pot shots instead of laying down a flurry of suppressing fire.  This led to the enemy getting an opportunity to move in to flank half the team and if they all didn’t act smart on their next steps, the whole team would find themselves in big trouble.

Armed with a rifle, grenades, and a bevy of health packs that could have easily been used to cure his wounds and buy him enough time to get himself to safety and retreat back to base, Cpt. Bigglesworth made the heroic move to risk his own life to ensure the safety of his squad mates.  Opting to rush into the face of the gigantic brute flanking them he tossed one of his grenades gravely injuring the over-sized and heavily armored alien and also destroying all the cover that surrounded it.  By doing so he put himself right in the path of another brute who quickly turned his sights on the weakened human who would make for some very easy target practice.  As the lasers began to fly at his soon to be perforated body he saw Rk. Tiddlywinks finishing off the flanker and Lt. Assface gearing up his sniper rifle to take perfect aim on his attackers head.  Cpt. Bigglesworth did not live to see his murderer’s head gush green ooze as Sgt. Assface’s shot penetrated its face, but the moment right before he died he smiled knowing that his brazen action, not only saved the rest of the squad, but also the entire Earth.

Back at X-Com’s inner-mountain base there is a small memorial dedicated to Cpt. Bigglesworth and his heroic deed, but due to the secretive nature of X-Com, his name and actions will never be known to those outside of the alien defense force collective.  A week after that bloody battle and the retrieval of the highly sensitive information and technology, the scientists and engineers were able to use the findings to both build weapons which would effectively counter the aliens as well as learn of a way to take down entire invading space crafts with the alien armies inside.  This tech led to Earth defeating and fending off the alien forces.

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