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Full Album Streams/Review: Brendon Small’s Galaktikon

Brendon Small, famous for his hit cartoon series Metalocolypse and the surprisingly excellent offshoot Dethklok records has just released a new musical project veering away from the extreme metal lampooning we’ve all come to love from him.  Galaktikon is a concept album with a narrative so outrageous that it could only be compared to Devin Townsend’s Ziltoid: The Omniscient.  Instead of relying on the death metal style he has become so famous for, Brendon reaches to classic metal to use as a backdrop for a science fiction super hero divorce drama that takes itself way too seriously, but all not to seriously.  By not wearing the goofiness on its sleeve like Dethklok, Galaktikon feels like a much more mature album.  But, when you get past the killer riffs and licks and dig into the narrative, which is delivered completely stone-faced serious, you really catch the ridiculousness and hilarity of the whole dern thing.

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