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Video of the Week: Take Me to Your Leader

Nowadays Incubus is anything but metal, but back in the day (the mid 90’s) they had a nice edge to them.  Along with some funky beats, jazzy guitars, and slamming bass playing they knew how to turn the distortion up.  Quite possibly my favorite Incubus release was their E.P. Enjoy Incubus which was re-recordings of a few songs off their first album Fungus Amongus and a couple new ones.  The whole 30 min or so the E.P. ran was pure gold filled with amazing songs and tons of great humor.  I like their new non-heavy sound well enough, but I ask why they ever abandoned the style of this record and their album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is beyond me ($$$?).  They had such a fun thing going on.

My favorite track off the E.P., “Take Me to Your Leader”, got the video treatment and it’s a doozy.  It’s pretty much Incubus reenacting the always hilarious film The Gods Must Be Crazy (seriously, watch that one).  The lyrics are quite off the wall with lines like “What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg and did not want my pants to get dirty?”  Ya, I think some mind altering substances were at play when they wrote that one.

Funny Incubus story from circa 1998.  I have a buddy who worked for a radio station, 95.9 WRAT Belmar, NJ, and he had to do an interview with Incubus.  Brandon Boyd, the singer arrived to the interview under the influence some type of hallucinogenics.  While waiting for the interview he tried to seduce the rat mascot statue in the radio stations office and ripped up his clothes on it somehow.  Fortunately, the interview went down without a hitch.  Later that night at the show they were playing in NJ, I had thought that my buddy was me but then saw that Brandon was still wearing the ripped up tee shirt.  He also played half the show with a sneaker on top of his head.  They kicked some major ass.  Moral of this story, Incubus needs to start doing drugs again (and get their old bass player back) 😉   Disclaimer: A Metal State of Mind does not encourage the use or sale of hard drugs…….  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!!!