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Video of the Week – Frost on Her Pillow

I have been thinking about videos lately; basically noticing how some bands try with their videos while others seem to care less.  Maybe it’s a budget thing.  Rammstein always has good videos; most bands are hit or miss.  Pearl Jam had a gem of a video with Jeremy and I liked Slayer’s Eyes of the Insane even thought it doesn’t feature the band at all.  Cradle of Filth has some consistency with their videos.  This is a band that adds a little meaning to their songs with some sort of visual concept.  The Video of the Week this chilly Friday is for their new song off their new album The Manticore and Other Horrors.  Personally, my favorite album from them is still Midian, but I like the new one…seems a bit more of the older style with still some “softer” elements the band has introduced over the years.  Review to follow in due time.  For now here is their new video for Frost on Her Pillow and also a bonus video of theirs called Scorched Earth Erotica.  Have a great weekend.