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Free Music: Lanthanein – Nocturnálgica (EP)

coverThis should be too good to resist if you’re fan of Gothic doom-death metal with galactic-class soprano vocals. Lanthanein, from Argentina, are giving away their EP to help promote their forthcoming full album, Lágrimas (“Tears”).

There’s a link on their Facebook page to the EP download. You can get Nocturnálgica free at this location. Before you do that, it would be good of you to visit Lanthanein on Facebook and say hello, thank you, etc.

The heart of the band is two people. Marilí Portorrico, the exceptionally good vocalist, also does the arrangements and directs the choir that gives the music its rich, operatic metal flavour. Juan Mansilla plays guitars and bass, and also does the backup male vocals and growling.

Marilí and Juan set out to make music that captures the splendour of classical music and the darkness and bite of 1990s Gothic metal. They achieve both objectives completely. The result is a set of songs reminiscent of The Sins Of Thy Beloved and bands of that ilk and era, but with grand symphonic backing.

I’ll most certainly want the full album. Judging by Nocturnálgica, Lágrimas will be beautiful. Here’s the title track from the EP.


Free Download: Huge sampler collection from Relapse Records

downloadMastodon, Neurosis, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Orbituary, Necrophagist, Death, Dying Fetus, Baroness and many, many more…

Relapse Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary and in doing so they are giving us over 180 (!) songs spanning the label’s entire history, free of charge (or pay what you can, and please do). This sampler includes one track from almost every band that has released their work on Relapse since 1990.

Happy Anniversary Relapse Records! Let’s headbang!

An additional in-depth feature on 25 of their biggest releases can be read here

A gift from Incendia Music: Pay-what-you-want compilation


13 tracks of the best unsigned and up and coming talent around at the moment in the world of rock and heavy metal. Whether you’re into your rock, prog, tech metal or electronic 80’s progressive metal… there’ll be something here that tickles your fancy! And did we mention….. it’s FREE! Happy Christmas from Incendia Music


Lots of free music? Of course you want some!


Here are links to five different metal compilations from three different labels, all FREE to download. They include bands like Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Skyharbor, Devin Townsend, Extol, Misery Signals and many more. It would be stupid to not take advantage of this opportunity to check out some new bands or just get free songs. Basick Records, for example, is my favourite label and they have some excellent progressive/tech/core bands. I hope you find something to your liking too!

Century Media Records

Facedown Records

Basick Records

Tales From Bandcamp: Pox Americana by Jim Strange with The Proud & The Damned

a0223007492_10Sorry I haven’t done one of these posts in a while.  Time to get back into the Bandcamp swing of things with one hell of a doozy.  Since I came across Pox Americana by Jim Strange with The Proud & The Damned I seriously have not been able to stop listening to it.  Fresh and original are an understatement.  They could be best described as a Gothic Americana Doom Rock band.  There are big fat riffs, a terrific alt-country feel, Opeth-like Gothic atmospheres, and vocals that have slight Count Dracula air to them (Probably best compared to Peter Steele or Glenn Danzig).

If you have an interest in hearing some of the awesome things that can be done within the doom genre, do not hesitate a second to check this album out.  The American roots feel of the music paired with the bombast of metal will suck you right in and that voice will wine, dine, and 69 you.  And for you cheapskates out there, Jim Strange has made the album at no cost to you, so download away, but be sure to show your appreciation by giving them a ‘like’ on their Facebook page or telling all your friends about this über-cool doom band you found and force them to listen to it (violently of course 😉 ).  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!