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Free Download: Huge sampler collection from Relapse Records

downloadMastodon, Neurosis, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Orbituary, Necrophagist, Death, Dying Fetus, Baroness and many, many more…

Relapse Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary and in doing so they are giving us over 180 (!) songs spanning the label’s entire history, free of charge (or pay what you can, and please do). This sampler includes one track from almost every band that has released their work on Relapse since 1990.

Happy Anniversary Relapse Records! Let’s headbang!

An additional in-depth feature on 25 of their biggest releases can be read here

Free E.P. From Revocation

Even though Honda’s Scion car line has been a big supporter of lesser known musical acts, especially extreme metal, for quite a while now, it still boggles my mind how they chose this demographic to hawk cars too.  Well, I guess it’s working.  If I ever decide to purchase a car in the future, I won’t completely write of getting a Scion.  I mean with all the free quality music they’ve been tossing my way, I gotta give them at least a test drive.  Right?  Especially after the latest free E.P. of all new music hook-up.

Since I got my hands on Revocation’s Chaos of Forms album earlier this year after checking them out on multiple recommendations, they have skyrocketed their place as one of my favorite modern metal bands and back cataloging ensued.  Their brand of thrash metal has a very technical edge to it, but never does it come off as feeling mechanical; it’s all very organic stuff.  While the entire band are nowhere close to being slouches, their star is guitarist/vocalist David Davidson (awesome name!).  The dude just shreds with a ferocity that brings the energy and innovation that brings to mind the great Dimebag Darrell.  Yes, I did just compare Mr. Davidson to Dimebag, and I stick by that.

On this new E.P., Teratogenesis, David breaks out a 7-string guitar and shows all the tech kiddies how to use one properly embracing all 7 strings and not just that ultra thick, downtuned E-string.  This is also their first recording since the departure of bassist Anthony Buda.  The new guy is Brett Bamberger and he brings some killer low ends.

Get your FREE copy here and get ready to rock out.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!