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Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs #24 – My Way

102518017_amazoncom-antihero-bronx-casket-co-musicI can’t say I was a fan of Frank Sinatra, but I would be living under a rock if I said I never heard his song My Way.  When I was growing up it played frequently on the “oldies” station my parents would listen to.  I became familiar with the likes of Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra, Engelbert Humperdinck, Abba, and Kenney Rogers.  Not that they were old at the time, but it seemed old to me because I was so young.  When I learned that Overkill’s D.D. Verni had a side project called Bronx Casket Company, I felt compelled to give it a try.

I picked up the band’s 2011 album Antihero, the bands fourth studio effort.  I was impressed with the playing and Verni’s ability to sing.  At first I didn’t know it was him behind the mic.  Overall, I felt it was a strong album and give it a spin from time to time.  The last track on that album is where you will find the cover of Frank Sinatra’s My Way.  According to what I read on Wikipedia, My Way is probably the most covered song.  I am sure that’s up for debate, but it seems legit to me.  It appeared on Frank Sinatra’s album My Way, released in 1968.  Believe it or not, the song was written by Paul Anka for Frank and the musical arrangement was an original French pop song recorded in 1967.  Technically, even Sinatra covered it with different lyrics.  Anka wrote the lyrics and the rest as they say is history…probably one of the most recognizable songs…at least in America.  So how did D.D. Verni and Bronx Casket Company do?  Pretty damn good.  Here it is.

The original recording from Frank Sinatra circa 1974.

The Bronx Casket Company version from the 2011 album Antihero.

Favorite Cover Song #25

Monday Metal Madness – Unusual Covers

Last week, Einherjer took the votes for the Scandinavian black metal part II poll.  Good luck to them as this series narrows down to a black metal champion.

This week I am exploring some covers.  Not your outstanding tribute songs like Machine Head’s Hallowed be thy Name or Trivium’s Master of Puppets, but more the song that you might not expect a band to cover.  See the video clips below and see what these metal bands did to iconic pop songs.  Also, let us know what you think about cover tunes.   Furthermore, what you think about artists like Elton John being covered by a metal band?  Which one of the covers below do you think is best?

This first one is from Life of Agony.  They covered Simple Minds Don’t You (Forget About Me).  This song was featured in the 80’s teen classic The Breakfast Club.

This next song was probably one of the first covers I ever heard by a metal band covering something nonmetal.  Flotsam and Jetsam covered Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) originally recorded by (Sir) Elton John in 1973…so, it’s as old as me.  Nickelback also covered this song.  Not that it matters, we’ll stick with Arizona’s Flotsam and Jetsam for this poll.

You may not have heard of The Bronx Casket Co., but this is Overkill bassist D.D. Verni’s project.  They are pretty good and worth checking out.  Of course, they are on this poll because they covered perhaps the most nonmetal artist on this list…Frank Sinatra.  Check out their version of My Way.

The last song to round out this week’s poll is from Coal Chamber.  Not only did they manage to take a Peter Gabriel song, Shock The Monkey and cover it, they brought along Ozzy to help out.  This song was originally released in 1982.

I hopefully achieved my goal of bringing you some classic nonmetal songs that were covered by metal bands.  Personally, I think all these covers were done quite well and it will be hard to vote myself.  What are your feelings about metal bands taking the lighter side of pop and injecting metal into it?

Oh, and before you mention Faith No More’s version of Easy, I didn’t include it here because they did the cover almost too well.  They didn’t inject any metal into it.  Though, it is one of the best covers of a pop song…if you ask me.

Awesome Covertunes

It’s always nice when a band plays tribute to some of their influences.  So I’ve compiled a list of 10 covertunes that are really, really, really wicked good.  Personally, covertunes should be done one of two ways; either cover the song exactly for what how it was intended or completely remake it, but keep it at least recognizable as a tribute song.  Anywhere in the middle is usually blah…

So here is my list of 10 covertunes that bring an older song back to life.

Bullet For My Valentine – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Original by Metallica

Faith No More – Easy – Original by The Commodore’s

Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company – Original by Bad Company

Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver – Original by Dio

Machine Head – Hallowed Be Thy Name – Original by Iron Maiden

Trivium – Master of Puppets – Original by Metallica

Chimaira – Disposable Heroes – Original by Metallica

Hatebreed – Ghost of War – Original by Slayer

The Bronx Casket Company – My Way – Original by Frank Sinatra

DevilDriver – Wasted Years – Original by Iron Maiden

It looks to me like a good pool of songs to cover were originally recorded by either Metallica or Iron Maiden.  There are many more covertunes that could have made this list, but these are the ones that stuck out for me the most.  I could probably easily redo this list with 10 other songs.  You know what, lets extend it out five more songs…here goes.

Susperia – Lack of Comprehension – Original by Death

Machine Head – Message in a Bottle – Original by The Police

Queensryche – Synchronicity II – Original by The Police

Children of Bodom – Hell is for Children – Original by Pat Benetar

Dream Theater – Comfortably Numb – Original by Pink Floyd

If you know more covertunes that deserve special attention please let us know.   I’m going to stop now before I go another five…