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Album Review: Foundations of Burden by Pallbearer

PromoImageI’m a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, often to a fault.  I always try to keep a smile on my face and keep talking/thinking about negativity to a minimum.  I like things that make me happy, make me laugh, and are over-all optimistic in nature.  Yet, my preferred genre of music is metal.  A genre popularly known for its darkness, pessimism, misanthropy, obsession with mortality, etc.  Of course, any well refined metal head will tell you that the vast majority of our music has much more complex, introspective, and positive themes, and it’s quite true, still there is a lot of themes and music to be found on the darker sided of the scale.  And I love it just the same.
“But why do I love it?” I’ve asked myself quite a few times during my near lifelong obsession with the genre.  In their opening lines of their latest release, Foundations of Burden, Pallbearer sum it up quite concisely and poetically:

Without light
The dark encloses all
Our works would be but ash
No knowledge of the time that crushes love to dust
Or the life that’s frozen deep within our veins
Without dark
The light burns out our eyes
And turns each of us to ash
Our hearts, too hard to ever learn to feel
And mouths, laid open, deep in silent song

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