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Appetite of the Beast

If I ever take a stop in Coral Springs, Florida I need to check out this restaurant.  Rock and Roll Ribs is owned by Iron Maiden‘s drummer Nicko McBrain and his friend Mitch Tanne.  The restaurant goes for good ol’ American BBQ food and glancing at the menu and looking at the pictures, everything sounds mad tasty.  All the menu items are cleverly named with rock and roll and Iron Maiden references, like the House Band Salad, Aces High Fries, and the party platter Appetite of the Beast.

According to their website Rock and Roll Ribs have won a couple of awards for their ribs and it seems that Nicko has a true passion for good food, especially American BBQ(how could he not?).  If you live or pass through central Florida check out this place and let me know how awesome it was.  You can check out the menu and other things on their website.  Peace Love and Metal!!!


Monday Metal Madness – The Battle For Supremacy

We are going to try something new at A Metal State of Mind…a video battle.  If you guys and gals want to “play along” this is something we were thinking of posting weekly.  Check it out!

For this week, I decided to choose similar style bands that both have new videos and also new albums.  I decided to call it The Battle for Supremacy since both bands are basically at the edge of something bigger than themselves, but can’t quite seem to “get there.”  Maybe Trivium has a slight edge, but they are basically in the same ballpark.  The videos are Trivium’s Built to Fall and Chimaira’s Year of the Snake. If you want to play, all you have to do is watch and vote.  In the next installment of Monday Metal Madness, we will announce the winner and set up a new poll and then keep it going.

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