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RoundTable Roundup – Metal State’s Top 15 of 2014!

tech-trends-2014By now you may have seen our individual end-of-year best albums.  If not, our main page is littered with individual lists of what rocked our worlds this year.  Please, check it out.  For those who stopped by, you probably noticed that we at Metal State have varied taste in metal.  Only a few albums made it across multiple annual lists.  Having said that, another list is about to get thrown into the mix; a first for this website.

Throughout the year we put together collective reviews we coined as “roundtable” reviews.  With all four reviewers providing comments on these reviews, we present to you our Top 15, strictly by the numbers.  It is worth noting that some of our roundtable reviews sometimes only include three of four reviewers.  To be fair, we left those albums off this list.  This Top 15 reflects only those albums where all of us could provide comments.  Read the rest of this entry

Stream Of The Week – Fleshworld

Poland’s Fleshworld combines elements of post-rock, post-metal, sludge, and a few other things that make this style of music stimulating.  They certainly bend the genres to make their own unique sound that bounces from a more harsh doom style to a peaceful atmospheric tranquility.  Needless to say, their songs are long enough to accommodate the tempo changes; 6 songs chiming in at 45 minutes is nothing to shake a stick at.  These songs are purposefully created to reach down to your inner core and make you feel “something.” That’s my impression and I am sticking to it. Overall, the album’s sudden changes in mood and atmosphere is what makes it captivating and keeps me listening.  Like We’re All Equal Again is their debut album released on Unquiet Records.

For fans of:  Isis, Cult of Luna