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Roundtable Review: Heresiarch – Waelwulf (EP)

GD17V4.pdfLabel: Iron Bonehead

Release Date: 31 March 2014

Songs: 3

Length: 14 minutes

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Studio Albums: Hammer of Intransigence, 2011

Location: New Zealand


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EP Review: Insomnium – Ephemeral

downloadI am a little late to the Insomnium game.  My first taste was during the release of One For Sorrow and as a result of that album, they cemented themselves as a band of interest in my life.  I then went back one album and enjoyed that too.  I still have others on my list of albums to buy and will get to them soon I hope.  I also had a cool opportunity to meet them and see them live a couple of years ago.  Needless to say, when a new EP presented itself to me (or the world I should say), two things went through my mind.  First, where the hell did this come from and second, why just an EP?  I can’t say I am complaining, but I am a little bit because I was looking forward to a full-length release.  However, if there is one thing I learned in my life is patience and I am sure the full-length studio album will follow.  Based on my minimal research, there will be an album in 2014.  So, we wait, but for now we can enjoy four new tracks; three of which are instrumental.

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Tales From Bandcamp: Robot Senza Nome and Other Tales (E.P. Trilogy) from Robot Monkey Arm

PrintThis interesting tidbit was sent to us some weeks ago and while not the most ‘metal’ thing in the world, maybe some of you out there will get a kick out of it, I know I did.  Basically it’s a trilogy of E.P.s by an instrumental band called Robot Monkey Arm which pay homage to great film scores like the ones you would hear in a Spaghetti Western, ’70s Exploitation Flick, or cheesy Sci-Fi movie.  The band doesn’t do exact covers, but instead uses the atmospheres of the scores to create some cool atmospheres in their original scores.  In the music you get an eclectic mix of metal, funk, prog, surf rock, chiptune, and jazz, and it’s all a damn good time on each tune.  My favorite of the bunch is a tune called “Cinema Vomitif” where there is this whole ‘James Bond does Mortal Kombat in Hell after ingesting a couple tabs of blotter acid’ feel to it.

So, if you dig movie scores, especially those of the ’60s and ’70s, and experimental music, do give this E.P. Trilogy a listen.  And as always, if you dig it pass the good word onto your buddies and stuff.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Album Review: Arms Of Tripoli – All The Fallen Embers EP

Despite post-rock’s relatively short 15-year time in the commercial spotlight, the genre has seen a dramatic increase in width and breadth, as many talented musicians make their own mark on the legacy. Sometimes these musicians come together, and the resulting bands make fascinating soundscapes, the likes of which become whispered reverently by acolytes of the genre: Mogwai, Tortoise, Godspeed You! Black Emperor. But what if these musicians were to exist as a collective, contributing around a framework laid out by a core group? This, by way of introduction, is the case with LA quintet-plus-others Arms Of Tripoli and their début All The Fallen Embers EP. Just shy of half an hour, the musicians carve a familiar yet individual style across 6 tracks, naming Tortoise, Shipping News and Rodan as influences.

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Album Review: Cold Summer – Wake EP

The etymology of post-hardcore can be considered as one of the murkiest to discern by those unfamiliar; some bands maintain parts of the old hardcore style and drop in experimental sections, others take the post- element and run with it, yet further examples use post-hardcore as an excuse to slip in clean vocals into an otherwise abrasive style of music. So what would happen if one EP were to incorporate all three approaches? UK quartet Cold Summer attempt just that on their sophomore Wake EP, which features new vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dan Feast. Four and a half tracks make up 14 minutes of diverse songwriting that cite Poison The Well, Thursday and La Dispute as reference points, although these less-seasoned post-hardcore ears hear some very different styles.

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Free E.P. From Revocation

Even though Honda’s Scion car line has been a big supporter of lesser known musical acts, especially extreme metal, for quite a while now, it still boggles my mind how they chose this demographic to hawk cars too.  Well, I guess it’s working.  If I ever decide to purchase a car in the future, I won’t completely write of getting a Scion.  I mean with all the free quality music they’ve been tossing my way, I gotta give them at least a test drive.  Right?  Especially after the latest free E.P. of all new music hook-up.

Since I got my hands on Revocation’s Chaos of Forms album earlier this year after checking them out on multiple recommendations, they have skyrocketed their place as one of my favorite modern metal bands and back cataloging ensued.  Their brand of thrash metal has a very technical edge to it, but never does it come off as feeling mechanical; it’s all very organic stuff.  While the entire band are nowhere close to being slouches, their star is guitarist/vocalist David Davidson (awesome name!).  The dude just shreds with a ferocity that brings the energy and innovation that brings to mind the great Dimebag Darrell.  Yes, I did just compare Mr. Davidson to Dimebag, and I stick by that.

On this new E.P., Teratogenesis, David breaks out a 7-string guitar and shows all the tech kiddies how to use one properly embracing all 7 strings and not just that ultra thick, downtuned E-string.  This is also their first recording since the departure of bassist Anthony Buda.  The new guy is Brett Bamberger and he brings some killer low ends.

Get your FREE copy here and get ready to rock out.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!