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Roundtable Review: The Sun Explodes – The Calm, The Storm EP

TCTS ArtworkLabel:  Self-released

Release Date:  May 18th 2015

Songs:  5

Length: 23 minutes

Genre:  Creative progressive rock

Studio Albums: Emergence 2012, We Build Mountains 2013

Location:  Carlisle, UK

For fans of: Circa Survive, Children of Nova, Dream Theater, Tesseract

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EP Review: My Wooden Pillow – Uncomfortable

My Wooden Pillow AlbumLocation: Manchester, England

Genre: All-in-one metal, hardcore & rock

Release date: 21 December 2014

Label: Independent

Previous releases: This EP is their debut

Tracks: 4

Length: 19 minutes

Recommended to: Fans of rawkin’, rollicking, highly infectious female-fronted rock and metal across the moshing spectrum

Mammal’s rating: 4.5 out of 5

My Wooden Pillow, a new band from the UK, invited Metal State to give their debut EP a spin. I’m so glad they did. What came out of the box – or, more accurately, the Dropbox – is a lustrous pearl.

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Album Review: Dead Ends – Petrichor EP

Dead Ends artworkLabel: This Is Core

Release Date:  December 12, 2013

Songs:  4

Length: 14 minutes

Genre:  Melodic metalcore/Post-Hardcore

Albums: This is their debut EP

Location:  Brescia, Italy

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EP Review: Black Crown Initiate – Song Of The Crippled Bull


“Black Crown Initiate is the sound of a sentient being at war with itself and everything else;

an entity holding on for dead life as its inner and outer world dies”


This is one of those “just buy it”-releases. So, just buy it…

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EP Review: Mortar – Ground Zero

Mortar EP ArtworkHave you ever seen a movie where bad guys are torturing someone in a house or garage while loud music is playing in the background?  I couldn’t tell you the name of one, but I have seen it in several movies.  Well, if that were me doing the dirty work, Mortar is the band I think I would choose to drown out the deathly screams of the unfortunate torture candidate.  Their EP is called Ground Zero and is 18 minutes of punishing, raw, uncompromising, and unadulterated brutality.  Even their cover of Hell Bent for Leather is no less harsh.

The EP is a quick listen and the lacking production value gives the overall feel of that analog early 80s recording practice. It kind of reminds me of very early Slayer.  Ground Zero is so raw it almost seems over-the-top intentional, but the very nature of the album and its unrefined quality imply that with the right equipment and funds to record a proper album, Mortar could be a contender.

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